9 Reasons To Start Vertical Gardening

By definition, vertical gardening is a technique of growing plants vertically or in suspension instead of the traditional horizontal manner. It is not a new concept as some gardeners have been using vines and crawling plants to create a vertical garden effect. These days, vertical gardens are now being integrated into many homes using almost any type of plant.


The growing inclination to vertical gardening is due to the rise of condo living and small backyard real estate trends. Thus, it has become the hottest botanical movement spotted all across the globe. From towering skyscrapers to stunning indoor interiors, vertical gardening is making a huge noise, not just in the world of horticulture, but in architecture and design as well.

Vertical gardening isn’t just aesthetically pleasing—it has a multitude of benefits for you, your home, and the environment. Here are some of the compelling reasons to start your own vertical garden.

#1 - Less Space Requirement

Plants or gardening enthusiasts struggle to pursue their interests when they settle in a condo or in crowded, highly urbanized areas. Thus, they resort to placing potted plants inside the house or just opt to buy a house and lot in a subdivision to have their own backyard spaces. However, backyard spaces nowadays are also limited.

Thankfully, the space-saving ability of vertical gardens makes it possible to grow them in your own garden even with a tiny parcel of land. You can even have your garden onto a wall that consumes no horizontal space whatsoever.

#2 - Hides Unsightly Features

Need to hide not-so-pleasant parts of your house such as stained walls and trash bins? Vertical gardens can act as a cover to conceal things you’d rather not display for everyone to see. This also helps enhance the visual appeal of your home’s exterior and interior appearance.

#3 - Less Bending and Backbreaking Work

If you have arthritis, back pains, or slipped disk disease, vertical gardening would be a relief for you. As vertical gardens are accessible in a standing position, you can now spend more time in your garden and harvest your crops without the fear of agonizing back and joint pains from squatting or bending too long.

#4 - More Plant Variety

Taking care of different plant varieties in larger spaces is tedious and tiring work. Vertical gardens make it so much easier. You can now plant and experiment on different varieties in a more compact, easier to manage space. Imagine the tormenting hours of digging work that was eliminated by using this technique.

#5 - Smaller Greenhouse Needed

To protect your garden from pests and other external factors, shielding your plants through a greenhouse is an effective strategy but an expensive investment to make. Opting for vertical gardening saves you money and time for the construction of your greenhouse as it only requires less space, fewer materials, and less time to build.

#6 - Less Risk of Plant Damage

Since your plants are suspended, it becomes less accessible to wild animals or pets that destroy and dig up your garden. Raising them off the ground also improves the air circulation, thus breeding healthier plants with less plant disease problems.

#7 - Insulates Your Home From Heat and Noise

When placed on the walls of your house, vertical gardens provide an extra layer of insulation, thus shielding the heat from the outside. Plants are also known to absorb high-frequency noises, making vertical gardening a great option for inner-city dwellings.

#8 - Improves Air Quality and Your Health

Plants combat nasty air pollutants and invisibly improves air quality in your home through the absorption of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Since vertical gardens are very flexible, they can be placed even in compact spaces like your windows, balconies, or even hang them around the house. Having plants in the vicinity of your home keeps the air you breath fresh and clean.

#9 - Save Money on Decor

You don’t need to buy flashy and expensive decors to beautify your home, adding a wall of plants is attractive enough to impress anyone. Vertical gardens are attention grabbers and can also provide a sense of stress relief and a more calm ambiance inside your home.

Vertical gardening offers lots of benefits to homeowners. Aside from saving time and money on the garden’s upkeep, it also provides an outlet to de-stress and enjoy the health perks of being surrounded by plants.

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