Why Should You Order Live Red Wiggler Worms Online?

Vermicomposting, which means a process of composting with a help of worms, is becoming more and more popular nowadays because it is a rather simple method of getting rid of various wastes, kitchen scraps, and many other products.


A byproduct of such composting is worm castings which create a friendly environment for growing healthy plants and are called black gold by gardeners. You can read more information about the process of vermicomposting to avoid violating the technology of its usage.

Why Is It Better to Order Worms Online?

Many gardeners wish to save money and try to make worm farms at home. Undoubtedly, it is cheaper, but be sure to spend a lot of your time and effort to reach the desired effect. In addition, it is necessary to know all the peculiarities of this process because you can get too many worms in the result, for instance.

Some people are afraid of ordering worms online because they do not believe that they can be delivered alive. However, Redbud Soil Company guarantees the reliable delivery of red wiggler worms which can be used for composting. In case worms are delivered dead, you will receive one more portion immediately. Therefore, it is a rather safe method of getting worms for composting.

What Should You Take into Account While Making an Order?

There are some aspects that cannot be neglected in the process of ordering worms for composting online. Before making an order, you should always get info concerning the terms and conditions of a company as well as its range of products.

In addition, pay attention to:

  • A type of worms (The Redbud service offers its customers a mixture of red wigglers since different species can penetrate into several soil layers);
  • A number of worms (they are able to multiply and regenerate very fast, but it is usually necessary to have from 5,000 to 10,000 worms to begin with);
  • Weather (try to avoid ordering worms in extremely cold weather to keep them alive);
  • Day of week (try to order over a weekend to receive worms on Monday).

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