8 Mistakes You Should Absolutely Avoid When Renovating a Bathroom

The average homeowner spends over $10,000 on their bathroom renovation.


Imagine spending all that money and ending up with an ugly, unusable bathroom. Instead of wasting your money, you need a clear plan to create the bathroom of your dreams.

When renovating a bathroom, make sure you know the common pitfalls before you start. These are the mistakes to avoid at all costs.

1. Not Having a Clear Vision

The biggest bathroom renovation mistake of all is not having a clear vision.

You need to know what your end outcome will look like before you even pick up a paintbrush or screwdriver. Failing to do so results in a bathroom that looks quickly put together and unprofessional.

You don't want all your hard work to go to waste.

There are many online room design tools available to help you plan your remodel. Experiment with the designs until you find something you like that works for your space. Then, make a list of all the projects and purchases needed to complete the remodel.

2. Mismatched Items

Some of the most common bathroom remodel mistakes result from having mismatched items together in one space.

It's important to buy all your hardware at once so that you know it's the exact same color and material. This includes your drawer handles, towel holders, and even your faucet. Having some of these items brass while others are stainless steel will draw attention from all the rest of your hard work.

Also, remember to keep in mind your paint color, tile color, and overall look and feel of your bathroom when choosing hardware. With all the right matching material, your bathroom will be Instagram-worthy in no time.

3. Poor Layout

Just because you bought your home with an already completed bathroom doesn't mean the layout is permanent. Changing the layout of your bathroom can turn the room from merely a place to get ready into the oasis of your home.

Make sure you have enough room to comfortably walk around and access all elements of your bathroom. You don't want your knees to touch your vanity while sitting on your toilet.

Many people also recommend making sure that your toilet isn't the focal point of your bathroom or the first thing you see. This makes for a more attractive, inviting space.

When deciding on your layout, start by thinking about your plumbing access, drains, and electrical outlets. These items are costly to move, so it pays off to plan around them.

4. Improper Ventilation

It's easy to focus on the design and aesthetic of your bathroom and forget about the more practical needs.

Improper ventilation can wreak havoc on your bathroom situation. Without proper air circulation, condensation occurs which can ruin your paint or ceiling. In extreme cases, mildew results from poor ventilation, which can ruin your whole bathroom.

While natural ventilation, like a window, is preferred, a fan serves as artificial ventilation.

Instead, install a fan with a timer. The fan should run for a minimum of 15 minutes after your shower. This ensures enough airflow to reduce condensation and water build-up.

Also, remember to regularly clean your fan. Removing dirt and dust build-up allows proper airflow.

5. Ignoring Proper Lighting

A dim or dark bathroom is gloomy and possibly dangerous.

Most bathrooms have very little natural light — if any. This makes artificial lighting even more important when remodeling your bathroom.

Install a light over your shower and bathtub area, especially if you have a shower curtain. You also want lights around or above your vanity mirror.

Along with these two locations, opt for a decorative lighting fixture in the middle of the room if you're dealing with a larger space. You would much rather have a bright bathroom than a dark one!

6. Forgetting About Storage

When fixing up your bathroom, remember to include proper storage for all your hygiene items.

You need specific storage areas in your bathroom for various items. Try to include a storage place for your towels, medicine cabinet, everyday hygiene items, and bulk supplies like toilet paper.

The ideal place for all these items is a bathroom closet, but that's not always possible. Instead, take advantage of room underneath your sink. Empty wall space can also provide a great place for an additional storage cabinet or shelf.

7. Opting for Trends

We also suggest avoiding trendy design elements in your bathroom remodel.

You're investing a lot of money into your renovation. You don't want an outdated bathroom in two years that needs another remodel.

A few current bathroom trends to avoid include:

  • Showers without doors
  • Exposed pipes
  • Subway Tiles
  • Copper hardware

Instead, stay away from current trends and base your decision on your personal tastes and needs.

8. Don't Overestimate Your Skills

The last, but most important tip is don't overestimate your renovation skills.

If you've never done a home renovation project on your own before, don't expect to do this one by yourself either. We suggest enlisting the help of a few knowledgeable friends to help you learn the process.

If that's not enough, also consider hiring a professional for the more complicated parts of the project, such as lighting, plumbing, or ventilation. Read more about how a professional contractor can help you get the results you want — without all the time and hassle.

What's Next After Renovating a Bathroom?

Now that you're all set for renovating a bathroom, it's time to look towards your next home improvement project.

The good news is that several of these tips go beyond just your bathroom project. Having a clear vision, avoiding trends, and asking for help all universal tips!

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