Tips For Turning Your Storage Shed Into a Guest House

Do you ever look at the old storage shed in the backyard and wish it was something else? You might not have known it, but a shed that is no longer used can be easily converted into a livable space.


Some people decide to take personal advantage of the shed's space and turn it into an entertainment room, reading area, study room, music space, or even a cigar room. However, one of the most common ways of reusing an old storage shed is transforming it into a guest house. 

A storage shed creates perfect conditions for the visitors when converted into a tiny house. If it’s away from the main living space, guests will feel comfortable and be able to enjoy their privacy. Moreover, since it is always situated in the backyard, they have an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the garden's peace.

If you are just about to buy a house and look for a place with a shed to convert to test your manual skills, you should check houses for sale in Hilton Head. If you already have a home with an old shed in the backyard, here is what you should do to turn it into a stylish guest house.

Clean It Up


Most often, garden sheds are used for storing various tools and garden equipment, so before you get to the renovating part, you will need to clean the space up.

Get all the things out of place and make sure you seal it to prevent drafts, bugs, and dust accumulation. After thoroughly cleaning out the shed, support the caulk and weatherstripping to help make the shed is as airtight as possible.

Take notice that a damaged and shabby shed may need to have walls replaced before moving on to the next steps.

Install a Window


Some sheds have a small window built-in, others are illuminated only by artificial light. If you want to convert a storage shed into a guest house, you have to make sure it is luminous and spacious. Installing a window can help with that.

Installing a window will allow you to let the necessary sunlight into the small space. It will brighten up the walls, making the place seem bigger and fresher.

The guests will thank you for that when they will allow the fresh air in during hot summer nights.

Install Good Artificial Lighting

A storage shed might do with a single bulb or a bench light, but the guests will surely be unsatisfied with that. Ensure the area can be illuminated no matter the time of the year or day, and install great artificial lights - we recommend both overhead lights and lamps.

Decide on the light color depending on the general design of the place. While a soft, yellow light will add a cozy look to the room, a sharp, white light will make the space look more modern and industrial.

You may also want to install an outdoor light to make the tiny house look cute both inside and outside.

Take Care of The Surface


Try to install more durable flooring in the shed room. Wood, cork, or tile should do fine. Lay down a rug or a carpet on the top to increase your guests' comfort.

Think of installing floor heating in the small house, if that is possible. It will help warm up the guest house, and the visitors will enjoy the feeling of a warm surface under their feet.

Add Furniture

Turning any place into a house includes adding furniture. Take a look at the space and decide what utensils will fit in.

First and foremost, there should be a bed in the guests' house. You can add a small desk or wardrobe by renovating the old shed's wooden furniture. Depending on how much space and money you have, you could install a little kitchen or even a bathroom in the tiny guest house.

Play With the Details


As the saying goes, the devil's in the details. Decide what atmosphere you want to create in the small home, and achieve the desired look by adding relevant details.

Remember that flowers, lights, cushions, blankets, wood, and mirrors are the type of room details that will enhance any space's look, no matter the intended style.


If you have a free-standing storage shed in the backyard that you no longer use, the great idea is to convert it into a guest house.

It is a perfect chance for you to test your manual and architectural skills. As a result, visiting friends and family will enjoy their privacy and be able to relax in your garden.

Moreover, you could enjoy spending some relaxing time in the guest house when there are no visitors. To transform the shed into a guest house, you will need to clean the space up, add some windows, install good lighting, change the surface, and equip the place with the proper furniture.

Lastly, choose to decorate the house however you want, and invite some guests.

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