5 Fail-Proof Tips To Start Gardening Right Now

For many people, starting gardening might be part of their annual goals. Others might have a great space in their backyard they’d like to start with. And yet others might just have extra time available to start a new hobby. Whatever the case, if you are looking for a reason to start a garden, perhaps now is time to start digging a little deeper.


In this post, we take a step back to introduce the joy of gardening to the seedling gardeners out there looking to get started. The main advice we give to noobs is to not get overwhelmed and have fun with it. Here are 5 more tips to get started with gardening today!

1. Start Small, But Start Now


The avalanche of information available on the web can make you have big dreams and expectations about what you can do. And yes, you could plant spectacular plants and create stunning spaces but don’t overwhelm yourself. Don’t go out and purchase hundreds worth of gardening tools. Instead, know that it takes time to get there, which can disappoint you, make you scared, and even keep you in a never-ending dream.

Fortunately, basic gardening only requires basic materials. After you germinate your first seeds, it is always possible to transplant them to another pot or piece of land. Hence, there is no excuse to delay your experience. Moreover, the cost of those materials for basic gardening is very affordable.

If you start small, your initial investment will be low. That’s a good thing! As you advance and define your direction, you can keep adding new elements and materials. Perhaps you are thinking about planting veggies but then change your approach to plant flowers. Maybe you only want ornamental plants and then decide on growing some fruits. In any case, your first gardening experience will give you a clear path on what to follow, so let the garden guide you.

2. Learn the Terminology


Gardening is full of particular words and slang. A first look can impress you and confuse you, for example, sow thinly or transpiration. Hence, you must clear up the words and terms that can help you understand this activity. By doing so, you can go deeper into the information you obtain. Also, discuss some of your challenges with friends and other gardeners.

The web is also full of forums and discussion groups that can give you wise advice. But you need to know what you are talking about before trying those things. Besides searching on Google, you can also find some specialized books and publications. As you advance, you will find books for almost every topic you can think of.

At first, basic words will be enough to let you go to the store to get basic materials. When you go there, take some time to talk to the vendors and find helpful information. Once you learn the basic terminology, it is time to start making your decisions. You will notice that the process gets easier and faster.

3. Find Suitable Materials


It is common to see a wide variety of materials for advanced gardening, from grow lights to outdoor greenhouses. The list goes on, which include wearables, like gloves, boots, hats to get protected from the sun, and similar or other materials like mulch, stones, fertilizers, etc. But stop thinking you need them all right away. In the future, you will need many of them. However, as your outdoor or indoor garden grows, you can add whatever you need.

Moreover, it is a risk that you buy everything if you are not well-informed about the activity. You could overspend and buy low-quality materials. Hence, it is better to get familiar with your gardening activity before you invest big. Meanwhile, you can use homemade materials like an egg-carton tray, kitchen knives, recycled jars, homemade compost, and many other options.

4. Download A Gardening App


Gardening is not difficult, but it requires some discipline. Moreover, after dedicating some time, you have to let the plants be on their own. During that time, you can forget some basic cares that they require to stay healthy and develop strong roots. Such risk is why Apps are so popular for gardening. And guess what? There are plenty of them to choose from. And they are easy to use and download. Some of them are the following:

  • My Soil: this App helps you identify what type of soil you have. And depending on what you find, you can decide which are the best plants for it. They will have a better chance to flourish.
  • Waterbug: this is one of the most useful Apps for beginners. It helps to plan a watering schedule depending on the needs of every plant. When you start gardening, it is common to forget this step. But if you use this App, you will have the perfect planner and reminder. 
  • Smartplant: this App offers several functions. Firstly, it helps identify the plant, and then it creates a calendar according to its requirements. Then, it also offers notifications to follow the requirements.
  • Gardentags: this App allows gardeners to share information and tips with each other. It is an excellent idea for beginners who want to get advice from experienced people.

5. Get Ready To Get Dirty


Many new gardeners will admit that getting dirty is part of the job, especially those that compost at home. However, you’ll get used to it and realize it’s not so bad. Also, you can select specific clothes to use when you are gardening.

As you keep gardening, you will also get more experience and will be able to handle the environment more efficiently. That helps you to control the dirt. But the idea of getting too dirty also reaches the materials you use. Fortunately, there are many products to help you clean the materials. To store them, you only need to put them in dry places.

Ready To Start?

It might take you some time to organize your space and materials to start gardening. But the sooner, the better. You don't need a deep knowledge of the activity. Indeed, you don't need to do it perfectly. While you garden, you will also learn how to do it better. And most importantly, do it as you want to do it.

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