Turn Your Shed Or Summerhouse Into A Sanctuary

The average shed is used for storing garden tools, paint, bikes or items that we don’t use very often, such as seasonal decorations. Now is a great time to stop considering your shed as a room to dump unwanted things and clear them out.


Your shed can be turned into a sanctuary that you can use as a personal retreat after a long day at work. It is a place for relaxing, practicing a little mindfulness and indulging in some “me time.” As a great summer project, transform your shed into a space that is valuable and which you will want to use every day.

A Backyard Spa


One of the most common features in a spa is a Jacuzzi bath, also known as a hot tub. You can purchase a hot tub ready-made, which will simply need installing in your shed. To do this, you will need to make sure that your shed has a water source within reach, in order to be able to fill up the hot tub.

On the walls of your spa, fix some shelves and hooks to place your towels, dressing gowns and flip-flops. If you are walking from your house out to your backyard spa, then it is important to create a clear pathway that is hazard-free. It is a good idea to tile steps in front of your spa with some textured tiles. Natural terracotta works well, and will feel warm under your feet.

A Shed Sauna


Turning your shed into a beautiful Finnish sauna is another way that you can create a restful sanctuary to escape to after a long day. A sauna has many positive health benefits. For instance, the heat can improve both your circulation and your cardiovascular health. You will need to install additional insulation (usually fiberglass) and a moisture barrier made of aluminum foil.

Over the top of this, you can install cedar boards that fit using the tongue and groove method. The floors will also need to be slatted wood. Finally, you will need to install a sauna stove and some seating. Turning your shed into a sauna can be done for as little as $1,000. However, the time you will spend in there relaxing is completely priceless.

A Library Shed

garden shed

What does every booklover want in life? Their own library for uninterrupted reading. The shed is the ideal place to put your personal reading cocoon, where you can enjoy your books in peace and quiet. To give your library a feeling of plush luxury, cover your shed floor with soft carpet or a plush rug.

On the walls of your shed, you should put up shelving for all your books. Fill the gaps with artwork or a world map to pinpoint the amazing places that you have read about. Other ideal features of a library shed include a comfy armchair and a small table for your pot of tea and plate of cookies.

The shed is a truly valuable space that can be turned into a sanctuary. You can create a place to relax away from the home, without traveling anywhere.

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