The Different Types of Gardens Available

In the past, gardening was being done with the sole objective of acquiring food and herbs. Nowadays, it is being done for more than that. Some people engage in this activity for the therapeutic effects.


This is true, especially, for elderly people. Spending time in the fresh air interacting with plants and soil is refreshing and can be of great help in relieving stress. Others also engage in the art just for the aesthetic appeal.

All these reasons have led to the availability of various forms of gardening. You can also try out some of the vertical garden plants as they can really make a good garden.

Kitchen Garden


This is also referred to as vegetable garden. It is one of the most common forms being practiced. Usually, the main objective is to be able to yield produce for use in the kitchen.

Cooking ingredients such as onions, tomatoes, coriander, and kales can be easily grown in the backyard. You only need a small slot hence there is no much work involved.

It can be placed strategically so that the used water from the kitchen flows to it and waters the plants.

If you have pets or any intruders that might interfere with it, be sure to erect a suitable fence. With just a little care, it can save you lots of trips to the grocery store.

Flower Garden


As the name indicates it is used to grow flowers. They make your home look more beautiful. There are many ways in which you can establish it.

For outdoors, make sure you put it in the front yard instead of the backyard. That way people will be able to see it as they enter. You can put it right in front of the house on both sides of the entrance or along both sides of the pathway from the gate.

If you are living in a storied building, you can place it outside on the balcony. Use small pots or containers to hold the soil. This makes it more convenient since you can easily move them as need be.

For indoor decoration, it is important that you put the plants at a place where they can be able to get sunshine. Near the window is a good place. Proper air circulation is also of importance.



This refers to an artificial environment where variables such as temperature and humidity can be regulated.

As such, it is good for sensitive plants like those associated with fruits and flowers. Extreme temperature and humidity levels can destroy them leading to low yields or low quality produce.

Another benefit is that the plants won’t get affected by the day-to-day weather or the seasons. You will be able to harvest well regardless of the rains failing or any other mishap.

It is suitable for large-scale farming hence you will require a considerably large space. This makes it cost-effective considering the relatively high cost of setting up and maintaining the greenhouse.

It also requires keenness because a slight mistake can cause a big mess. For instance, if the person tending to it mistakenly increases the temperature instead of reducing it, the plants will wither away if it goes unnoticed. Thus regular monitoring is appropriate.



Art can take various forms. Artistic gardening is a general term referring to creative arrangement and establishment of the various materials involved. Used containers, tires, sacks, and pots can be filled with soil then arranged beautifully and used for farming. It is convenient considering the fact that it makes a flexible farm. You can easily relocate it elsewhere without interfering with the plants if the need arises.

It also consumes little space depending on how you do the arrangement. An example is the popular wall garden. The containers are arranged vertically hence ensuring proper utilization of space.

Water Garden


This is a relatively new concept to most people. It involves planting in an aquatic environment.

That is, the plants are grown inside a water body. It can be either artificial or natural. The former can be implemented using a container filled with water and then the plants are placed inside.

For the latter, you can use a natural pond. Make sure that the plants you choose do well in an aquatic environment. Otherwise, they will all die. You can also choose various designs depending on your preference.

What is the Importance of Having One At Home?


#1. Fresh Produce

A vegetable or fruit garden guarantees you fresh produce. You don’t have to go to the grocery store every now and then. Some vendors also tend to sell even stale produce to the customers. Thus having your source of fresh ingredients is more reliable. You will be able to make delicious meals that are good for your family’s health. It also saves you money.

#2. Therapy

It helps you relieve stress after a long day at work full of hassles. Those who spend the whole day at the office tend to sit for long hours hence end up having back problems due to compressed spine. Working in the garden in the evening will allow you to breathe in the fresh air and also engage your body properly. Postures such as squatting is good for your knees. 

#3. Profitable

You can sell the surplus to the neighbors or take them to the market and earn some money. You can also decide to fully embark on greenhouse gardening and use it to grow cash crops. It can be a great source of income if you choose the right crops. Click here to see more types of garden.


There are many different forms of gardening available. The classification can be done based on factors such as plants grown, containers used and how they are arranged, and the platform or environment.

It is of essence that you take your time to deliberate on the type that you have chosen before you decide to go ahead and implement it. For instance, a greenhouse might seem like a good idea but it requires constant care that might be hard for you to provide if you have a busy schedule.

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