3 Ways To Add Indoor Plants Into Your Home Design

The National Gardening Association reported that the sales of houseplants in America increased by 50% since 2018. In fact, the sudden rise of homeowners looking for indoor plants can be attributed to the many benefits of these lovely greens. But before you determine the best houseplants to buy for your space, here are 3 ways to add indoor plants into your home design.


Boost Concentration With Succulents


Have you ever experienced being at home yet felt so stressed because of the work piled up? While the home is meant to be a peaceful oasis, there are many of us who experienced the stress or working-in-place. This is often due to the many distractions that are less common in the office.

However, research from NASA shows that houseplants can improve your concentration and mood by up to 15%. To make an optimal and productive workspace within your home or apartment, you can start by adding cacti, echeveria, or snake plants near your desk or shelves.

Promote Better Sleep


Having trouble sleeping? You don’t have to rely on counting sheep for a good night’s sleep as indoor plants can transform your bedroom into a peaceful sanctuary. Plants such as succulents, orchids, aloe vera, and snake plants emit oxygen during the night, making it the perfect plant choice inside the house and in the bedroom.

Eliminate Toxins in Your House


As natural air humidifiers, indoor plants are especially useful during the cold seasons. According to NASA, house plants, namely spider plants, aloe vera, bamboo palm, or snake plants are some great choices to purify the air inside your home. In fact, the NASA Clean Air Study also identified indoor plants as air purifiers, which can help eliminate the toxins commonly present in your house.

A peace lily can also be a brilliant choice if you’re aiming for the flowery charm to add to your home. You can also opt for the rubber plant, as it requires minimal sunlight and prefers cooler temperatures for its growth.

Parlor palms, majesty palms, and cascade palms are also great choices that can add a pop of bright, earthy, green hues in your rooms and corners. So, whether you’re aiming for a cottage-like aesthetic or a visual contrast to the color scheme of your room, indoor plants can make your living space beautiful.

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