8 Easy Ways To Improve Your Lawn

Spring is just around the corner. And Simplymaid Cleaning knows that your lawn can be the envy of the neighborhood each and every year. However, it won’t be that way if you can’t keep it nice and neat. If you want a lawn that you can be proud of, here are 8 ways to ensure that your lawn is in the best shape, even throughout the spring and summer months:


#1. Water It In The AM


It doesn’t matter if you have a sprinkler system or use a good old-fashioned hose, it should be watered often. That’s because the sun will help dry your lawn quicker. If you water it during sundown or evening hours, it will take more time to dry.

#2. Make Sure Your Mower Blades Are Sharp

This is a no-brainer. You won’t be able to cut your grass if the blades aren’t sharp. If you think your mower isn’t cutting as good as it should, then it’s time to change them. Your blades should be sharpened or replaced every year.

#3. Don’t Mow Too Short


Yes, keeping the grass short is a good thing. But too short can be a bad thing. That’s because it will damage your lawn and will set the stage for weed growth. Keep the blades of grass to a third of a blade. Anything more than that, then it’s too short.

#4. Feed It

The best time to feed your lawn will depend on your geographical location. If you reside in the northern US, the best time to feed your lawn is in the fall and spring months. In the southern US, spring and summer are your ideal times. Find a fertilizer that will make your lawn greener in the quickest time possible. Do not feed dormant grass as it won’t take in the nutrients the food provides.

#5. Tell Your Dog Where to Go


The lawn is a place where your dog does its business. When they got to go, they got to go. However, where they go may be a problem. That’s because the nitrogen in your dog’s urine can create large yellow spots or even dead spots. If you want to create a place where your dog can go, make a designated area for them out of mulch or gravel.

#6. Reseed Where It’s Needed

When you assess your lawn, find areas that may appear thin. If you find any, you’ll need to reseed. For cool-season grass, it should be planted in the fall. Warm-season grass should be planted in the summer months.

#7. Prevent Weeds and Crabgrass


Weeds and crabgrass are lawn’s worst enemies. You can stop them dead in their tracks before it’s too late. Use a pre-emergent herbicide to ensure that weeds and crabgrass will never show up. Apply this herbicide in the early spring months.

#8. If You Have Weeds, Get Rid Of Them

Sometimes, you may forget to prevent weeds from growing. We understand life can get in the way. In the event when those dandelions are invading your lawn, you can simply pull them by hand. You can also use granular weed control product if there’s a little more than your hands can handle.


You deserve a lawn that is worth the double takes and stares from your neighbors. At the same time, you want it to keep it as healthy and green as possible. Follow the 8 tips above so you can improve and maintain a lawn that you can be proud of.

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