What Can You Grow in a Home Garden?

In this day and age, it seems that people are already too separated from nature. We are now governed by the technology that we have created. Even though we are still too far from the possibility of a dystopian future, it seems that it is highly likely these days.


Based on this page, reconnecting to nature is supposed to be our goal so that we can still breathe in this new way of life. However, most of us do not have the time to go out to the fields or the forest. There must be another way to get out of there.

Computers are becoming smarter, based on our commands and programs. Some things that were thought to be impossible before like Wi-Fi-connected refrigerators and smartphones are now the norms.

There are a lot of major concerns regarding this fact, but this has fallen on deaf ears with millions of people. A lot of good things came from it, but we must also acknowledge the bad. It can be difficult to do so, especially since there are a lot of people who are dependent on it.

However, this is unavoidable as most of us are living in this modern world. We cannot escape the advancement of technology because of its advantages. For example, you need to use it for doing business. If you do not even have the simplest grasp of how a computer or smartphone works, then the cities are going to be horrible for you.

Even in rural areas, you need to have some sort of connection with the outside world. The internet is too powerful to ignore, and you need the right tools to use it.

Introducing Home Gardening


Speaking of which, it is also important to take a break from nature. As mentioned before though, trekking, hiking or even walking in the park can be too time-consuming. We are living in a high-octane world, and being left behind even for just a short while might seem to feel like something is amiss.

Fortunately, you can bring in nature right in your home. You can plant a garden! It is a great idea especially for those who have wider backyards. However, you can certainly have one even in your own apartment or room.

Plant choice is important especially if you are going to have less space for your garden. For people with more space, it can also be time and space consuming to choose bigger plants when you can have something a bit more practical. Also, we would highlight edible plants since these are going to be more economical.

For purposes of this article, we are going to focus on plants that can easily grow on land as well as pots inside the home. There is a lot to choose from, so be wise about your choices. Sites like Garden Peer can also help you with that.

Plants You Can Choose From

1. Basil


Let us start with something a bit more common. Basil is used in a lot of dishes, particularly in Italian cuisine. However, you can easily plant one inside or outside your house. However, this depends on what type of basil you are going to grow. Italian basil is the most popular as well as the easiest for the source.

On the other hand, you may want to opt for a more exotic flavor like Thai, Taiwanese, or even holy basil. Most chefs would say that they can be interchangeable, but some recipes might specifically call for one or the other. Definitely a great choice for planting since it is such a versatile herb.

2. Mint


Another versatile herb that you can grow in your garden is the mint. Like basil, there are several species of this available but most of them would have similar flavor profiles. You can easily use this in beverages as an additional cooling factor.

It is also commonly used as a garnish in different recipes like desserts. If you're the experimental home cook, then you can add it to salads or even sauces. Just remember to keep it out of the cold in the middle of the winter as it is vulnerable to frost. There are even health benefits as this link says: https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/mint-benefits.

3. Scallions (and Onions)


Now, almost every savory recipe in the world calls for onions. There is nothing quite like it and the flavor is just incomparable to anything else of its kind. Surprisingly, they are also easy to grow in your backyard. You just simply need to have a bunch of scallions then plant it on rich and fertile soil.

It might need some extra TLC during its early weeks, and you might need to sacrifice the whole plant if you want to harvest the onions. However, you can also use the leaf parts for many dishes, particularly Asian ones. It can also be considered as a vegetable too and quite healthy.

4. Tomatoes


Who does not love a fresh bright red tomato? It is one of the healthiest vegetables in the world due to the presence of lycopene. This compound has been linked to many health benefits like improving the circulation of blood in our body and cardiovascular health. Unfortunately, not all kinds of tomatoes can be grown at home.

Luxurious kinds like San Marzanos and Californians might belong to that category. However, cherry tomatoes and other types that can be put in your salad are great. You just need to find the best seeds and you can start planting almost anytime.

5. Microgreens


As you may notice, you already have all the ingredients for a great salad. Where are the leafy greens though? Microgreens are a great option to grow even inside of your home since it does not take so much space at all. You can have a whole bunch since they do like to grow in clusters.

They also come in many shapes and sizes, which make for a colorful pot and plate. It is also easier to grow than lettuce since it does not take a lot of space. If all you have is a nice little apartment in the middle of the city, having a plot of this is a delicious and beautiful addition to your home.

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