What Is A Gazebo? All You Need to Know

You need a place in your garden where you can get a relaxing view of your garden, sitting and just have conservation or even read a book? Why not head out and search for the best gazebo that suits you. But you might ask yourself, what is a gazebo? Below here is everything you need to know what a gazebo is and how it is perfect for your garden.


What Is A Gazebo?


A Gazebo is referred to as a pointed roofed structure that has short or tall walls around it and is built in a garden for relaxation, hosting of events, and much more.

The gazebo is a structure placed in a garden as iconic buildings which is designed in a classic style and is mostly built in a rectangular shape. Gazebos come in different shapes and sizes but are most times constructed in an octagon shape, to accommodate large of people or small parties that take place in the garden or even just a relaxing time in the garden.

Gazebos make additional attraction to a garden, but these structures are not just ornamental. This kind of structures has been around the garden for some decades, and they are most erected in a large estate garden to draw the attention of visitors.

What Are The Types Of Gazebo?

Types Of Gazebo

The word Gazebos comes with a thought of a standard design of six or eight sided structure built in a garden, with short walls, opened on one end and a roof that is pointed.

However, this kind of gazebo is the only one you know. What you don’t know is that gazebo can be enclosed entirely, providing an outdoor room that is right within your garden and away from your home. Like the six and eight-sided gazebos, you can also find the all curved sided gazebos, which have round corners.

A gazebo can be known by the material used to make it. Gazebos are mostly made out of woods, aluminum, stones, concrete, steel, bricks, PVC, or by combining all this material together to make one unique gazebo. Fabrics are also part of what makes up a perfect gazebo, but the particular design of a gazebo is making a choice between a minimalist structure and an oriental structure.

What Are The Uses Of A Gazebo?

This is an excellent question because not everyone knows what is a gazebo is actually used for. You need to know that gazebo are not just built to design gardens alone, but they are also meant for specific purposes. They are five various ways gazebos can be used to improve outdoor living.

#1. Admire The View of A Garden

You know you don’t really have to look for a high building to get a beautiful view of your garden? Gazebos should be in a location where you could see every angle of the garden. The short walls gazebo are designed in such a way that you can see every side without interruption or obstacles.

#2. Dining Outdoor

Dining in a gazebo that can accommodate a table and other dining furniture is the best and comfortable gazebo you could have in your backyard. Having this size gazebo avoids long journey when collecting supplies.

#3. Events

Why spend money to rent a hall for your event when you can just use your gazebo? You don’t have to worry about the change in weather when you invite your family, friends, neighbors to stay in your shielded gazebo. Having the guests around for an event your guests have their seat within the perimeter.

#4. Room for Fitness

You do you have to spend money obtaining membership for a gym when you can do all that work right at home in your garden’s gazebo? A majority of gazebos are not big enough to contain fitness equipment, but you could go further to build a larger one for your fitness equipment or just get a hot tub installed in your gazebo to relax your muscles.

Are Gazebos Great for Business?


Yes, a gazebo is an excellent choice for business. Most business use gazebo for the entertainment of employees and customers. But the first thing you want to ask yourself is, what exactly is this structure meant for in business and where can it be erected?

The structure can be used for relaxation, entertaining, or even to serve food for employers, employees, and customers in business. Knowing what you need the structure for in business will help that choose the style and size you need.

Wood or Vinyl, Which of This is A Better Choice for A Gazebo?

Wood Gazebos

Well, this question has a two-way answer. What is the style of your property and what kind of maintenance are you expecting?

Gazebos can be built with either wood or vinyl but re-staining this property has to do with how well it is being maintained it. But, you have to seek inquiries from the purchasing store on how to manage your gazebo and schedule a maintenance time. With proper management of your gazebo, it should last for a very long time.

Here is a short video on building a gazebo with wood.


In conclusion, gazebos are structures used to for different events like ceremony, wedding, reception depending on the sizes and it is also a point of relaxation in your backyards or garden. Gazebos need to be maintained properly to avoid damages of all sorts.

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