When is the Best Time to Buy a Lawn Mower?

Are you looking for a new lawn mower? Maybe you are wondering if now’s the right time to actually make that new lawn mower purchase. That is a really good question to ask yourself because believe it or not there are certain times of year that we feel you can get better deals on lawn mowers than at other times of the year.


If you are patient and don’t have an immediate need to buy a lawn mower, there are some real bargains out there in the lawn and garden market place. We wrote this article to help you narrow down when is the best time to buy a lawn mower.

Look For Preseason Lawn Mower Sales

Preseason Lawn Mower Sales

Most manufacturers of lawn mowing equipment have periods where their sales are really slow because the grass is not growing so much. It stands to reason that the last thing that is on consumers’ minds when their grass is not growing is purchasing a new lawn mower.

Because of this manufacturers will often offer big price break incentives to retailers so they can get an early start on their lawn mower sales. We believe you can pretty much count on any lawn and garden center or retailer that sells lawn mowers to have a preseason sale before the start of each grass growing season in your area.

Keep an eye out for these things and have a little money saved or some financing in place for when these occur. We feel the best places to get informed of when these preseason lawn mower sales might be are in flyers they hand out in their stores, in newspaper advertising and many times sales dates are displayed on a company’s website too.

Finding Good Deals During In Season Lawn Mower Sales is Not Uncommon

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Even during lawn mowing season, it is not uncommon for retailers to see their lawn mower sales drop down very low. This is because many of the people who needed new lawn mowers already bought them before the season started. Retailers then needed a way to try to get the lawn mower sales to pick back up and they do this with in season sales.

These sales tend to be targeted at individuals that have a working lawn mower that they may not be happy with. A good sale price on a lawn mower will usually get these people to spend the money on a new one. So if you can be patient and wait until the grass growing season is about half way over we think you will find some great deals on lawn mowers at this time of year.

End of Season Sales Produce Some Great Lawn Mower Bargains

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Not very many people see the need to spend money on an item that they won’t have a need for until several months from now. This holds true for lawn mowers once the grass growing season is over too. Manufacturers recognize this fact too and realize they must do something drastic so lawn mower sales do not stop completely.

That is why you will see ‘end of the season’ or ‘model closeout’ sales that have highly discounted lawn mowers. We feel this is absolutely the best time of year to buy a new lawn mower.

It’s Important to Know Your Local Grass Growing Season

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One thing that is very important to knowing when the best time of year is to buy a lawn mower is to be aware of your local growing season. The grass growing season in some warmer climates is slightly longer than the grass growing season in cooler climates. The typical dates where lawn mower sales centers run discounts are directly related to the local grass growing season in most cases.

For example, in Texas, a preseason lawn mower sale might take place in early February. Whereas in Minnesota that same type of preseason lawn mower sale will most likely take place sometime in late March. So if you know your local grass growing season it will give you a much better idea when you can expect to find big discounts on both push and riding lawn mowers.

Shopping At the Right Time Can Net You Big Savings

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There is absolutely no doubt about it. As you can see from our article, there is definitely specific times of year when you will find better deals on a new lawn mower purchase. The trick is being patient and waiting for these sales to come around. Buying a lawn mower at other times of year can result in you paying a much higher price.

So when looking to get a discount on a new lawn mower, try waiting for preseason sales, in season sales and closeout sales to take place. The savings you will experience by purchasing a lawn mower at these times of year can be quite substantial.

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