Why Do You Need A Grow Tent?

If you have a gardening fetish and you need a small garden inside of your house all year round without the fear of your plants not getting enough sun or warmth and to maintain and grow your desired plants safely, grow tent is the perfect option for you.


The people having a huge heart for plants but failing to fulfill it due to shortage of space or otherwise, don’t need to wait to get the perfect space and start living their dreams right away!

What is a Grow Tent?

A mobile, re-useable grow room made for portable indoor gardening is called a grow tent. Grow tents are also called grow rooms or collapsible rooms.

It helps gardeners in producing different kinds of flowers, herbs and vegetables safely. You can move it around your house easily without any hard work or any kind of mess.

Grow tent comes with a strong frame and flexible material and often has a reflective material attached to it to keep your plants nicely warm, most of them are fully sealed.

You can add your desired number of fans and lights in your grow tent, most of the people prefer to use the 4x4 grow tent light.

Grow tents are usually light proof and waterproof so the plants would not be affected by the outside factors and would also help keep away the pests, odor and noises.

Why Do You Need a Grow Tent?

Keeping your personal love for the care and upbringing or plants, there are a lot of other reasons as well, which should be enough to convince you to buy a grow tent. Let’s see what these factors are.

1. Year-Round Garden

When it comes down to grow tents, mother nature does not control what you can grow anymore, from tomatoes and potatoes to tulips or roses or any kind of herbs you saw online.

Through the use of a grow tent, you can grow whatever you want and wherever you want.

2. Space

To grow, especially if you live somewhere with no outdoor space has always been an issue but not anymore with grow tent, you can grow plants in any corner of your house or even inside a closet!

Grow tents are portable and super handy, so you can set them up or move them around your house or apartment very easily even when the plants are inside.

3. Climate Control

Weather can be harsh on your plants and become a major issue in cultivation.

Since different plants need different weather, that’s why grow tents allow you to completely control the environment and the climate in which the plants live; you can adjust the lighting, temperature, air, etc.

4. Energy Efficiency

Grow tents are known for their major advantage, energy efficiency.

You cannot doubt a grow tent effectiveness since they are built to be energy efficient, they automatically provide you with all that you need to grow your plants, and since you control everything in a grow tent, you can be sure your energy use as efficient as possible.

5. Right Lighting

One thing a grow tent should always include is lighting setup to maximize the use of lighting in your grow tent.

Unlike a windowsill or a grow box, grow tents come with reflective walls that intensify the light and expose the plants to more efficient lighting instead of just bouncing off into the atmosphere.

If you fully utilize your lighting, it can save energy and reduce the cost of gardening indoors.

6. Pests

Since you can fully seal your grow tent, it lessens your chances of getting pests and gives your plants a healthier environment to grow in.

Good grow tents always come with an inbuilt protection system, so you don’t have to worry about pests eating out your plants.

7. Odors

Growing plants in a grow tent allows you to completely control the odor too. Grow tents that are not cheap always come with a solid frame and a good ventilating system.

By controlling the odor, you can keep the plants indoor while not catching their odor and the other way around too; you can keep them with you without having your odor doing harm to them.

8. Fresh Air

Grow tents come with a filtration system to supply the plants fresh and crisp air so they can grow faster and in a healthier environment than usual.

With carbon filtration, the filtration system air is drawn from internal parts of the grow tent, processed and then released into the outside environment. This process is known as “Negative Pressure” and is highly effective in maintaining fresh air in grow tents.

9. Anti-Noise

Grow tents that are not cheap, come with a soundproof system that helps plants to grow in a peaceful environment.

Plants growing in grow tents have a quieter environment rather than the plants growing outdoors, which affects the growth and helps the plants achieve maximum efficiency in the future.

10. Simple and Easy

One of the most amazing things about grow tents is how easy and simple they are to build and maintain. You don’t have to be a professional if you want to use or set up a grow tent.

Just find a place with power and water facility nearby to set up your grow tent, and it’s basically an all in one system which you will get the hang of once you see a couple of videos or surf through the internet.


By now, you already know how a grow tent works and why is it needed. Grow tent suit everything required by the plants plus you can grow every type of plants without hesitating, and it will supply fresh air and water to the plants without you worrying about the weather

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