How to Make The Air Conditioner More Efficient in Cooling You Off?

It’s so great to think of summertime when you get to hit the beach and enjoy more of your spare time in the outdoors. But it also means that at home, your air conditioner is working 24/7.


And when the weather turns hotter than the sun, it feels like the air conditioner cannot keep it up anymore. But we have a list of things you must consider when it is too hot and how to help your air conditioner do its job and saving you some energy.

1. Stop Messing With the Thermostat

Leave the air conditioner at 78 degrees as it should be and don’t drop it below to cool the house faster. It will not make your house get to 78 faster if you drop it lower.

2. Close The Curtains

If your house has windows that face to east and west, then it is better to reduce the light the enters through the windows. Sunlight will make those rooms hot and windows that are in direct sunlight will make them hotter. So, close the curtains in daylight and open them at night to let some cool air in.

3. Use a Fan

If you are in a temperate climate, then at night you will not need the air conditioner on. Just get a ceiling or floor fan and let it work for the night. It will consume less energy than an air conditioner.

For warmer climates, use both fans and air conditioner to make the air circulate around the house easier. This way, the air conditioner will get some help from the fans and you can even set it to more than 78 degrees.

Air Conditioning wasn’t the main issue that made your house hot. It had nothing to do with it working less than it should have. Follow these tips and the next ones and your air conditioner will be on top of its game if you also take care of it.

4. Get the Hot Air Out

Whenever you are cooking, use an exhaust fan to get the hot air out of the house. If you don’t have one, use a floor fan to make the air circulate.

5. Get a Dehumidifier

It usually isn’t just hot, but it’s humidity which makes it unbearable. That is why having a dehumidifier is going to make you feel better and you will even be able to put your air conditioner at above 78 degrees.

6. Don’t Keep the Conditioner in the Sun

The best location for the unit is the north side of the house. If it’s not practical for where you want to have the air conditioner inside, then plant some shrubs, trees or place something that will keep it shaded.

7. Choose the Right Time for Chores

Cooking, or using either the dishwasher or the clothes dryer should be done in the evening or when the rest of the family isn’t at home.

Following these tips should help you feel comfortable inside your own house and also lower your energy bill that used to skyrocket in the summer.

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