Are All Lead Generation Sites the Same in Lawn Care Industry?

All lead generation sites are not created equal. Before the advent of Google, the yellow pages and business directories used to be the go-to when it came to advertising your business and hopefully watching it flourish.


This was a much simpler time. With so many options and people claiming and promising to grow your business, how can one make the best decision for their business. In the landscaping industry, the options are almost limitless and all promise the same thing—making you more money.

But are all lead generation sites the same? Some are free to join, some are free to bid, some only take a percentage of each job, and some just charge you for the ability to reach out to the potential customer.

With so much confusion, how do you know which one is best? While no site is perfect, you can easily check out this infographic that lays out the biggest lead generation sites in the landscaping industry and allows you to compare all of the leaders in this space so you can make the best decision for you and your business.

Growing any business can be tough but having the right partner can ensure that your business grows with your needs and within your budget.

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