Tips on Choosing The Best Timber Flooring Service in Canberra

If you’ve decided on refurbishing your home with a new timber flooring, you can tap your shoulders for the classy choice you’ve made. Nothing looks swankier or chicer than the hardwood floor. 


Purchasing the wood as well as getting it fixed might look like an arduous task. However, having access to the right resources can make the process simpler than it appears. If you are looking for skilled service providers in Canberra, professional contractors such as Supreme Floors Canberra can come to the rescue. Innovative ideas, skilled workmen, and premium quality products can make all the difference.

Before you find a good timber flooring service, you might want to first survey the market for available options. This will enable you to make a comprehensive decision on the wood to be chosen for your home.

Yes, it’s not an easy task either, especially with a multitude of options out there. No doubt wooden floors lend a smooth and stylish appearance. However, picking just about anything may cost you in the long-term. Hence, try to look for options that come with a lesser burden of maintenance. Here are a few tips that can come in handy when selecting the timber.

Most premium contractors conduct a site inspection before giving you an estimate of the project cost, materials to be used, and time involved. This service is usually free regardless of whether or not you appoint the same agency to do up your floors. However, preparing yourself can be a good idea as it will enable you to discuss vital points and innovative ideas when planning the parquet with your provider.

Things to Check Before Appointing a Flooring Agency


A floor concealing that flips out is a decent choice as it can spruce up the exterior presentation of the rooms in your house. You might come across a range of concealing subjects.

Selecting a shade that goes best with the aesthetics of your room or how you imagine it to be would be a good idea. There are myriad finishes that you can select from and some browsing on the internet can also help. Be it silk finished one or one that sparkles, the options are endless.

You may want to check the hardness of timber but simultaneously you must check if your floors can endure the moisture conditions and support the robustness of the wood. Find more on how to finish wood @

The next thing that you would want to know is how much wood would be required for your project? While your agency might measure it out, it is more than just the inches that matter. Factors such as how well it is cut or balanced and how smoothly the timber would outfit the flooring play an equally important role.

Select a board length that’s closest to your requirement to avoid wastage. Timber sheets are measured by their thickness and width. The process of identifying the correct wood and getting the perfect fit may become demanding. That’s when you can call in your expert service provider to take up the job.

Hiring a Top-Rated Flooring Contractor


When appointing a company, you would want to hire a contractor who has the best types of flooring ideas. Hiring an unprofessional agency can put your entire project at stake. Expert companies should have complete information and knowledge on the types of timber to be used.

Some companies also offer a variety of parquet materials such as laminate flooring along with timber and hardwood. From solid strips for your study to block parquetry for your living room, a qualified flooring agency will be able to match your requirements. You can check if your shortlisted contractor can help with the staircase or outdoor flooring as some companies provide such services as well.



When you outsource a job you want the work to be done in the best possible way. Not all providers have the expertise to handle every type of flooring. If you are getting hardwood such as mahogany, oak, teak, maple, walnut, or any other in that category, it would be sensible to look for an expert accordingly.

Among the other prominent categories of wood types for flooring are engineered wood and softwood. Click here to find out more about how to choose engineered wood.

If you have specific needs, check with your contractor to make sure they have the appropriate skill and know-how of laying out the floor type you want.

Experience and Reputation


Appointing a well-reputed agency has its perks. It takes practice and innovation to sustain in a competitive market. Only an experienced agent who’s been there since sometimes can be expected to complete the assigned project with full responsibility.

Not that start-up agencies will turn you down, but experienced agencies may be better prepared to handle challenging situations and advice openly. Moreover, always insist on checking the contractor’s license before appointing.

A legitimate flooring company is likely to adhere to the industry norms of your state, ensuring the standard of products, craftsmanship and more. An agency that’s transparent and is sure of its product and service quality will never shy away from extending a warranty and follow-up services. Also, check that if they offer insurance that covers any on-site damage or accidents.

If you are unsure about which agency to hire even after conducting a survey, simply ask your friends and family for suggestions. Correspondingly, you can read testimonials on the contractor’s website for a better understanding of their work and client feedback.

It may not sound as significant but considering professionalism cannot be ruled out when appointing a flooring stalwart.

Some of the crucial questions that you need to find answers for when shortlisting a contractor.

  • How responsive is their staff?
  • Are they open to your suggestions?
  • Do they value your time?
  • Do they care about your concerns?
  • Do they give you complete information on the timber flooring you want to install?
  • Do they educate you about its care and maintenance?
  • Do they provide a written plan of action and project budget?

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