5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Building a Swimming Pool

You’ve been living in your beautiful spacious home for 10 years now. Whenever first-time guests round the house for a quick tour, they get inspired by your design aesthetics that seem to captivate everyone’s eyes. You weren’t an Interior Design major, but you seem to be a pro.


As you step outside, you suddenly thought of something: Why not do another big and challenging home improvement project this year? You caught sight of your huge backyard that holds lots of potentials. “Hmm, why not build a swimming pool here?”, you told yourself.

Suddenly, you can’t help visualizing where exactly you’re going to place it. The next days, your work breaks are spent scouring the internet for inspiring pool design ideas like this.

But wait, you haven’t asked yourself some essential questions yet.

1. Why Do You Want to Build it?

swimming pool

Before you start designing your pool, try to determine your truest, most honest reason for wanting to build it. What is really your purpose? Do you want to use it just for relaxation or for some serious butterfly stroke lessons?

Whether you simply want to feel some spa-like pampering or you’re aspiring to be the next Michael Phelps, defining your purpose is important so that you’ll know exactly what kind of pool you’ll build. After all, it’s a big project. Just one wrong move in the design process, you might end up regretting for years thinking about all the money and efforts you’ve spent.

For example, you’ll enjoy your swimming lessons more if you do it in a lap pool. On the other hand, you won’t wish for something that’s too deep when you simply want to sit there, chill and relax in the water. If that’s the case, a spool or jacuzzi would be more ideal for you.

So, knowing your purpose for building it is essential when deciding for the design, depth, size and other features you’ll include. Who knows, you’ll want to install a diving board, right?

2. How Much Should Be the Ideal Budget You’ll Set For it?


Nobody wants to get broke for years or drowned in debt because he did a project that isn’t really feasible in the first place. So, before you fantasize, do the math and do your research. First, look up different kinds of swimming pools and the corresponding estimated costs for each. Keep a chart of those options.

Also, talk to expert professionals like the Blue Waters Pool Services for their valuable advice. They can provide you with detailed explanation about potential costs as well as ideal pool components and features to have that are based on your needs.

If you don’t have the budget right now, how much would you need to save to make the project doable and for how long should you be able to save up for it? Determining the answer to this will also help you in creating your ideal timeline for this project. It will also help you ensure that you will be able to finish it.

3. What is the Extent of Your Knowledge When It Comes to Swimming Pools?


The right time to research how swimming pools work isn’t after you’ve built it. It is during the pre-design stage. Knowing how they work will help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Also, it would be better if you’ll be able to build something that’s economical and eco-friendly. In-depth knowledge is the key to achieve that goal.

4. Can You Keep Up With the Maintenance Costs?


Your monthly expenses will change dramatically once you already have a swimming pool. Actually, it’s not just your monthly expenses that will change but your schedule and house chores as well.

Obviously, you’ll need to regularly allot time and money for routine maintenance, including the one that’s done by expert professionals. So, can you really keep up with the maintenance costs? If not, you might need to postpone your project until you’re ready. Read more:

5. What’s Your Lifestyle Anyway?


Are you a homebody or a constant traveler? If you’re the latter, then, you might not even need a pool because you’re constantly out and about, perhaps, exploring different beaches across the world and even staying in luxurious resorts to treat yourself from time to time.

But if you’re a homebody who prefers staycations rather than exhausting travels, creating your own resort at home is the perfect choice.

So, what’s your decision now? Go for it or postpone until later? Make sure you’re super ready, even overprepared for this project!

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