Decorative Water Fountain Features at Home

Whether you wanted to make the front or back of your garden more aesthetically pleasing will depend on the designs that you get. You may want a water fountain that creates a centerpiece or focal point where it will immediately attract your family and friends’ attention whenever they come to your property.


However, you may want to customize and spruce up things a bit, as even the loveliest fountain designs may need some help. You may find that you may need to get decorative water fountains that will stand out even more, and they will give your property a more relaxed ambiance. If you want to add to the decors, here are some suggestions that you may want to try.

Additions to your Water Fountains


Surround it With Plants

Create a bed of roses or any other decorative beds around the water. You may want to pick the right colors of the flowers that go well with the structure and your overall garden. You can choose some other materials to surround the base or go to the classical stones that add a rustic touch to your landscape.

You may want to surround the base with a river or gravel if you want to see the texture. In coastal areas, seashells crushed and rolled into cement may be an option for you. The natural beds can also be composed of these shells so that the overall look can blend with the rest of the scenery in your yard.

Avoid the materials from spilling into the rest of the area and use borders creatively. You can try pavers, metal, plastic, or concrete on the edges to keep the seashells intact.

Add Bursts of Colors

If the overall look is drab, you may want to splash some colors around the fountain for a more varied look. You may have opted for a modern concrete build that is a good candidate in many paintings. Adding bolder shades of red from roses or white lilies floating on the water will add more freshness to the scene.

Bolder shades of paint in beautiful surroundings will make your garden one of a kind. Choose brighter colors and paint the entire fountain. If you find that you have bought a satisfactory one, you can use the colors at the base for subtler looks.

It’s important to use masonry paint or binding primer to ensure that the colors will hold out to the running water and other elements. If you have the traditional style fountain made of stone, you can get tiles to splash colors around it and make it look elegant and seemingly Mediterranean-inspired. The rim can be lined with detailed patterns and bold paint for a more eye-catching piece.

Greenery Will Help

If you pair the fountain with greenery, you can look forward to a more eye-catching and more natural-looking garden. The plants will dress-up the entire structure. If you have the wall varieties, you can set up trellises where vines can climb. You can read more about vines and fountains on this page here.

Some wildflowers belong to the sunflower family that will look elegant and hardy. The Black-eyed Susan vine will give you the hardiness that you want as they will have purple centers and yellow petals, making them lovely accents to your fountain wall.

You may have free-standing fountains, and the base will always attract the eye. The Silver nickel vine that is evergreen perennials and has fan-shaped silvery and shimmering leaves can be the perfect option for you. They are usually white and will produce tiny, pale yellow flowers. They will serve as ground cover for the base, and the aquatic plants can be decorative features of the fountain itself. The soft colors of the flowers and floating leaves will even add a romantic atmosphere to your garden.

Floating Ornaments

If you are content with the look of your base but still want to do something unique, decorations in the water itself can draw more attention to your fountain. You can get floating ornaments like fishing net floats or colored glasses that have a subtle light-reflecting effect. On parties and other occasions, these beautiful ornaments can turn your treasured fountain into a valuable piece.

Other Decorative Features to Try


The aquatic part of your garden will always be a helpful way to add splashes of water to the landscape and you can let it burst with your creativity. You can get the size and style that you want, and everything can be set-up in just a few hours. If you love the water’s sound in your garden, then the decorative water feature can be an excellent idea for your property.

Setting up Fire Fountains

These are self-fire and water features that have been gaining lots of popularity in recent years. The flame can burn brightly in the center of the bowl, and the materials are constructed with GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) that is known to be durable.

Patio Ponds

These ponds are for people who have limited space and budget. You can learn 10 things about them here: https://www.diynetwork.com/how-to/outdoors/landscaping/10-things-you-must-know-about-ponds. The pond may be made from fiberglass that enables you to transform it into a container water garden. You can fill the space with fish or water lilies. The ecosystem can serve as an aquarium simultaneously, and you can put it in any location in your garden.

Decorative Spitters

These spitters may create a focal point and add whimsical touches to your fountain. They can be ducks or fishes placed in the fountain for added splashes of water. You can incorporate the spitters with the traditional landscape to add more attractions into your yard.

Bubbling Stones and Urns

You may want to set these water features on top of reservoirs or underground sources of water. The pump contained within the urns or bubbling stones will keep the water circulating, and there will be no wastes as a result.

Fortunately, you can get all the things that you need to create the garden of your dreams on the right sites. Some will offer you big outdoor fountains that are durable and affordable. There are also small bamboo fountains that you can use in your ponds for added aesthetics. The choices are unlimited, and it is high time that you discover some of them.

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