Why You Should Build a Garden Office?

Have you ever sat in an enclosed space with a feeling of uneasiness? That is most often the feeling that an office cubicle or a small office setting gives you. Not to mention the desperate desire for the workday to end so you can get a breath of fresh air. However, with work-from-home arrangements and the garden office, all of that has changed.


A garden office is a wooden cabin or room that you can install in your home garden and set it up as an office. You can add numerous large windows or opt for a whole glass or aluminum wall to serve as a window. Basically, the choice is yours, but the point is to let that fresh air into your office cabin and get glimpses of your flower arrangements while you are working.

Besides the aesthetic appeal, there are numerous other reasons for you to choose to install a garden office. Increasingly popular, the garden office is now known as one of the secrets to success. Here is how:

Boosts Productivity


If you are one of those people who want to make the most out of the hours that they put into their career, business, or job,- in terms of getting things done and making more money, the garden office is for you. Plants are proven to increase productivity.

You might have noticed that office spaces are often adorned with plants. Those plants are not there just to look pretty. A UK study found that having plants in the office increased productivity by up to 15%. Hence, if your home office is in your garden, your stress levels should decrease substantially and productivity should also be at an all time high.

A Size that Fits


Before you say that your garden isn't big enough for a long 25-foot cabin, rest assured that garden offices are available in all sizes and come in different styles. You can browse and choose a style and a size that suits you and the type of environment you want to create.

Whether you want a roomier wooden cabin or a small cozy hut that can just fit your chair and table with a bit of leg space- it is completely your discretion. Decorate it the way you want but just make sure that whatever size it is, it gives you a spectacular view of the outdoors (that is the whole purpose). Plan your space well or get some expert help to design it.

Inspiration at its Peak


Have you ever wanted to take a walk outside for that extra dose of inspiration? If your office is outside in the midst of your garden, inspiration and creativity will be at its peak. When sunlight peeps in through your windows, you will feel less drowsy and more alert.

Even rainy days will be fun as you won't get wet in your wooden cabin but can still enjoy the romantic mesmerizing splashes that can press you to think more openly about serious topics. Gazing at flowers can give you a surge of ideas and put you in a good mood. All of this combined can give you the creative edge you need. The edge that was not possible in a tight indoor office space.

Easy on the Pocket


A wooden garden office is economical and easy on the pocket. Of course, you need to decide which materials you want to use and what comforts you need e.g. extra lighting, electric sockets and switches, cupboards and file cabinets, etc. If you want to keep it simple, the average builder would probably charge around $100-$200 a day in construction costs while material costs vary.

You can also go all out and add extra fixtures and fittings, conference rooms, or get as creative as you want. However, the sole purpose of this place is to focus on natural beauty rather than artificial additions. It is recommended to only build what you truly need and keep the space airy, tidy, and casual.

Stress-Free is the Way to Be


Work-related stress is likely to go away when you are in a garden office. Install a bean bag facing your window which gives you a perfect view of the garden while you analyze financial reports or just go to work in sweatpants or even your pajamas. After all, you are in your garden.

When you need to stretch your legs a little, you can simply walk out and take a stroll in your garden. Give your flowers a little water, feast on the greenness to sharpen your eyesight, and breathe in the fresh air. As mentioned before, a garden office is likely to reduce your stress level and optimize your work attitude.

Keeps Away Unnecessary Noise


In a proper commercial workplace, there are people talking and phones ringing. The same may be true for a workspace at home if it is indoors. However, a garden office can be void of the distractions of the indoors, from people talking, babies crying, the television on in the other room, to landlines ringing off the hook.

You can choose to not be disturbed and will be a safe distance away from all possible distractions. Keep your mobile phone on silent and allow light beeps for text messages in case of emergencies.

Multiple Uses


Your garden office can serve as a super comfortable workspace but since it is there and is a part of your home, you can also use it in other ways. Set it up with a table and dinner for two on a date night. Use it as a play place for toddlers when you don't want them breaking the expensive decorations in your home.

You can also put a bit of storage in it over the weekend, but ideally, keep it uncluttered. Garden offices are supposed to enhance the serene effect and decrease the feeling of messiness. However, that shouldn't stop you from smartly using it as another room when needed.

Adds Value to Your Property


If you have a house, then you have gone house hunting. The general rule is that while the house may impress, it is the small add-ons that lead to a sale and at a good price. For example, "But it has a barbeque pit too and a gazebo" or " That garden office shed is just superb. How convenient," are the comments that make a buyer settle for a place at a certain price.

Adding that garden office not only increases productivity but property price too. You can't get a better deal than that, can you? So, if you are ever interested in selling, your garden office will only add to your property price rather than detract from it. But do keep it well-maintained though.

All of these reasons combined should be enough to get you excited about installing a garden office in your backyard as soon as possible. Make sure you choose sturdy materials and look through various designs. Enjoy the surge in mood and productivity and all the benefits that come with it!

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