How to Plant Tulip Flowers?

Tulips are one of the most popular flowers worldwide. Originally from the Netherlands, but nowadays everywhere available. What’s not to like about Tulips?


We can’t think of anything. However, some people are not sure how to plant and take care of Tulip flowers. That’s why they are hesitated to bring them into their own garden. Time to make a change! Tulips are not only the most beautiful flowers you’ll ever encounter, but they are also the easiest ones to keep. Even if you’re not blessed with some form of gardening talent, planting tulip bulbs will be a whole lot of fun!

Tulips are Quite Tolerant


Tulips are not as vulnerable as they might seem. On the contrary there quite tolerant. Tulips will mostly emerge from the ground in March. If mild weather occurs during the winter, they may emerge early. Don’t be afraid that this will have a negative effect on your tulips. They can handle quite hard winters, even when they’ve emerged from the ground. Even if they have prematurely emerged, there is a great chance that they will survive during the early Spring.

If winter temperatures suddenly return, it may delay growth but it will not kill your new tulips. They can handle quite some weather types. Snow can even be helpful to protect your new tulips. This will protect the soil from extreme cold and will delay growth. Even when the winter is mild and the early spring is snowy, your tulips will blossom eventually.

The Best Time to Plant Tulips


But what is the best time to plant tulips? When will you have to put them in the ground to enjoy a spring garden as early as March?. The best time is different for each country and area. The best time to plant tulips is when the ground has not frozen yet and de summer has ended.

In cold environments, this can be as early as September or October. But in warm areas, it’s even possible to plant tulips in December or January. Make sure you plant them at least six weeks before the first ground-freeze. The tulips will have enough time to make roots and flourish before the ground freezes and delay the growth.

Buy Naturalizing Tulip Bulbs


Do you want to save up some money? Buy naturalizing tulip bulbs. These bulbs do not only bloom each year, but they will grow back bigger when the years go by. This is a process called naturalizing. By the means of this process, it’s possible to grow tulips each year, without having to buy new ones. This will save up a lot of money!

Don’t Delay Planting After Buying New Bulbs


Tulip bulbs don’t like to belong above the ground. So don’t delay planting after buying them. Put them as fast as possible in the ground to keep them fresh and in great condition. If you miss planting tulip bulbs at the right time, don’t wait for the next fall. Tulip bulbs aren’t like seeds. They have an expiration date. Just plant them and hope for the best!

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