How to Turn Your Garden Shed into a Playhouse

A typical garden shed is useful for storing gardening tools and other bulky items that cannot fit inside the garage. However, garden sheds tend to fall into disrepair after a while so you’ll end up tearing them down if disused.


For this reason, it is much smarter to convert the shed into a playhouse for the kids. They have probably had the opportunity only to play with toy doll houses but this is the real deal for them! Here are the steps you should take to turn the old garden shed into a new playhouse.

Insulation is Crucial

The biggest difference between a shed and a playhouse is the fact that people, i.e. children will actually spend hours inside. This means that the playhouse should be damp-proof and well insulated so it can be accessed even when the air is chilly outside. Before you insulate the floor, the ceiling, and the walls, be sure to replace any missing or damaged wooden boards.

A Shed Extension?

Many sheds are rather cramped and they offer little opportunity for renovation. If this is the case with your shed, consider adding an extension to it. Work out the new size of the former shed and create a layout idea for a playhouse.

Getting Power Inside the Playhouse

The playhouse is likely to be used after dark as well, so you’ll need electricity inside it. The harder solution is to dig up a trench leading from your house and lay the power cable in the ground or you can simply extend it through the air. Alternatively, you can install solar panels on the slanted roof of the playhouse. This solution is more expensive but eco-friendly.

Arts and Crafts

Construction set aside, one of the biggest sources of worry for parents is the toys the playhouse will have to be stocked with. In order to save money that can be diverted into adding extra features to the playhouse, you can get cool craft kits at Funtastic Toy which the kids can start playing with. After all, they will be so amazed by their new life-sized playhouse that they won’t mind that it’s not brimming with toys.

A High-Tech Playhouse

In fact, you can use modern technology to save money on “offline” toys. Start by strengthening the signal of your home Wi-Fi network so the playhouse has Internet coverage. Also, add a power socket or two so you won’t have to use extension cables.

Make sure there is at least one adapter or charger lying around. All this will allow children to bring a tablet inside and enjoy the peace and quiet the playhouse has to offer.

Prevent Water Damage

It would be a shame that you go through all the effort to revamp the old shed only for the next rainfall to damage it beyond repair. After you’ve insulated the roof from the inside, it is time to waterproof it from the outside.

Although a playhouse is not a residential structure, you should treat its roof as you would treat the tiles and flashings on the roof of your house. Make sure all the seals are tight, everything is well caulked and the gutters are up there.

You Can Never Be Too Safe

You can ensure your kids are safe inside by padding the walls or adding a whole bunch of cushions but the shed needs security from the outside threats as well. It seems ludicrous to lock the shed but a paddock will ensure no strangers creeps inside under the cover of night. Once they invade your property, burglars will hide in the weirdest of places.

As you have seen from the steps we have listed above, turning a backyard shed into a playhouse is not that hard. You need electricity, safety, insulation, waterworks, and a crafts kit to start the fun. Once the shed is painted and ready for new “tenants,” you’ve kids will be exhilarated!

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