How to Design the Perfect Garden Shed

Building a garden shed is a great idea to use your backyard space. From storing tools to potting, a little unwinding to playing - it could be your hub for diverse activities. If you are able to decorate the shed following the right tips and tricks, it will become your extended home and a part of your garden scene.


Questions to Ask Before Designing a Garden Shed

Designing a Garden Shed

Consider asking the following questions to yourself before you initiate:

  • Are you going to design it yourself or hire a professional? For readymade kits, providers like offer many viable options.
  • What is your exact purpose behind building the shed?
  • What is the whole area measurement of your shed? 
  • What kind of materials are you willing to use?
  • Do you have any style in mind, like a barn, farmhouse, modern, traditional, or eclectic?
  • How are you planning its entry? Because if you are to store large lawnmowers and different building materials, make sure your entry-cum-exit door is wide enough.
  • Would you like to add windows? They can eat up storage space but, at the same time, is the source of natural light and can add a bit of homely feeling.
  • Will you require power or water in the shed? If yes, then get those done before you start building. Call in a plumber or an electrician to put in the lines.
  • Are you going to use it for professional activities? If you are to use the garden shed as your office, first find out whether it is legal and arrange for insulation to make it comfortable.
  • Do you want your shed to have proper flooring? If you purchase readymade sheds from a company like, they sit right on the ground and have dirt floors. But in case you want to otherwise, get it ready before the electricity and plumbing jobs are done.

Top Garden Shed Designing Tips for You

Garden Shed Designing Tips

Once you have the prerequisites in place, you can explore these below-mentioned tips to design your garden shed:

The Rustic Charm

Have you always dreamt of a log cabin and always adored it? Then here is your chance! It would not only keep you warm during the cold but also would look like a tiny house if you add windows and curtains. Consider the teal blue shed to paint it, as it looks super cute.

Open Garden Shed

How about a mini farmhouse? The open garden shed concept is simply lovely and can be the center of your outdoor parties.

Furnished Shed

Do you have old house furniture piled in the storeroom that you no longer use? Well, clean them up and use them in your garden shed.

A Strong Shed

If the shed material of your garden storehouse isn’t tough enough, your expensive tools or other essentials within aren’t safe. The sheds have become popular amongst users for their quality and long life. You may also try them to make excellent use of your outdoor space.

You can also embellish your garden shed with flowers, plants, lighting, etc. if you wish to turn it into a she-shed or a playhouse. And if you are a first-timer, avoid being too experimental. Instead, it would be wiser to match it to your house appearance.

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