Why You Should Add Landscape Lighting to Your Landscaping

As a visitor approaches your gateway and enters the gate door, the first thing that he or she will notice is how well your garden or pathway is lit. Both front yard and backyard are the essential part of the house, and it is of utmost importance to keep it illuminated for numerous reasons.


Some of which are safety, functionality and general outlook. By adding landscape lighting you would improve the entire atmosphere of your garden or backyard, and make an area where the whole family will enjoy spending time at. Here are the pivotal reasons to install landscape lighting.

#1. Decrease Theft Possibility


First things first, an illuminated space is foremost a save space. If you install landscape lighting around your house, you will make your home less of a target for potential thefts, robberies or burglaries.

A criminal approaching will be spotted in the blink of an eye, and have less dark spaces to hide in due to the light. Motion sensor lights can easily scare off any thief, and there has even been a formal research noting that an outdoor light prevented 43% of burglary.

Nowadays, there is a wide range of security lights that are also quite appealing. Having quality lighting will keep people from outside seeing inside your house. Moreover, if you additionally install security cameras, you will have a perfect safety combo.

#2. Focus on the Safety


Then, there is the focus on your personal safety. Nobody likes to peer around the yard as they enter the gate. By not having essential lighting, you risk getting hurt as you hurdle your way to the doorstep.

If you add landscape lighting, you won’t have to worry about not seeing the pathway as you approach the front door, nor worry about tripping over a pebble or water hose. Having landscape lighting will help you, your children and family see where you are going without worrying about what you would accidentally trip over.

You can place navigation lights all along the pathway, and add two or three in front of the entrance to efficiently light up the door. You don't have to make your house shine like Las Vegas, just make sure that you light up the darkest spots in the garden.

#3. Beautify the Surrounding

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By not having proper lighting around your house, nobody will be able to see your beautiful surrounding at night. Everything might be okay during the day, but as the sun goes down you can't marvel at your flowers, plants, pool or other sources of pride.

If you have just trimmed your fabulous gardenia bush with secateurs, then you should have the opportunity to see it even during the night. By adding landscape lighting your flowers, bushes and trees can flourish with beauty.

To add an even greater effect on your plants and trees, place the lights behind the tree, all around the gate, and just along the pathway. There is nothing better than seeing magnificently lit textured grass during the night from your kitchen window.

#4. Create a Pleasant Ambiance


Have you ever desired to sit on the terrace or backyard patio and drink hot cocoa while gazing at your splendid backyard? That, and much more is possible if you accentuate your surrounding with landscape lighting.

Proper lighting does more than just light your outdoor activities. It gives you the chance to completely indulge in night wonders with friends, to create a dramatic effect for the party, and to have a pleasant and relaxing chat while sipping wine.

By adding diverse lighting, you will enhance the entire ambiance in an artistic manner. Furthermore, you will give yourself a full smoothing treatment because you will be able to utterly enjoy the night wonders.

#5. Widespread Functionality


There are many types of landscape lighting with different functions for various households. Path light is placed, of course, along the path, along the side of a walkway or a driveway to add extra light.

Then, there are the classical entry lights which you can mount beside the gate, or above the door to add glamour and brightness to the entry. Let's not rule out the fancy lanterns. If you wish to spruce up and enliven your garden, then lanterns will do a perfect job.

They come in a range of shape, sizes and materials from carbon, brass, metal, to golden and even zinc. Outdoor scones can also be handy for landscape lighting. You only have to place them 6 feet above ground and they will provide you with a soft light and it will accentuate all the features of the area.

#6. Scale Down the Insects


Even though you might not believe it, there are some lights that can actually reduce insects that hang around lights. Many insects, such as moths and other bugs, are rather attracted by bright night light than any other, which can be annoying and tedious.

However, by placing soft and low-intensity lights the direction that a light shines will have a significant impact, but it will not attract so many nasty insects. Some smaller insects, like house flies, tend to prefer even the dim light.

In that case, try placing any landscape lighting at least one feet away. Unfortunately, you won't be able to completely eliminate the problem of flying insects unless you use a repellent.

#7. Increase Property Value


Quality landscape lighting will undoubtedly increase the value of your home if you ever plan to sell it. Getting suitable lighting that is both cost-effective and attractive is the cheapest way to boost up the value of your property.

Not only is it a cheap and easy way to raise its value, but if done properly, it can add elegance to the entire home exterior. Some researchers have estimated that exterior lighting can add as much as 20% of the estimated value of the home.

If that is not good enough, the fact that landscape lighting can reduce the possibility of burglary will certainly help enlist your house on the market.

No matter whether you live in outskirts, in the suburbs or in the middle of nowhere, a great landscape lighting design will add warmth, light, elegance, and safety to your property.

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