Inspirational Design Ideas To Spruce Up Your Outdoor Kitchen

When planning your outdoor kitchen design, begin by making a list of really basic items you don't want to miss in your kitchen setting, including the grill, sinks, gas cooktop, dining space, or bar, pizza oven, and an island or more. If you are working with a tight budget, it is recommended to split your list into a class of necessities and extras and adjust your list as your design and budget may allow.


There are a number of ways you can limit your budget without necessarily compromising your design style and fashion. The fact that outdoor kitchens have stimulated the growth of fabricated or modular outdoor kitchen kits that come in a variety of style and design means you can finally come up with a budget-friendly even with minimal DIY know-how.

Prefabricated kits may incorporate stainless steel cabinets, compact refrigerators, personalized stone or tile countertops, and more. Going the prefab route instead of choosing a custom-designed kitchen outlook can go a long way in cutting down on cost and the amount of time while at the same time delivering incredibly profound and stylish kitchen finishes.

Whether you decide to go the prefab way or stick to a custom look, you still might want to consult a reputable contractor to help with items relating to plumbing, electrical, or gas lines. In addition, you will want someone to help you with locating your appliances such as grills, refrigerators, and sinks. With the right contractor, you can get the most from your limited budget.

Having a cozy outdoor kitchen is something many homeowners dream about. While many people have space in their backyard, the budget constraints just won't allow them to build one. Fortunately, you can still build an outdoor kitchen using some of the carefully selected ideas we've rounded up for your consideration. We spoke to the team at SF Kitchen Renovations and came up with these ideas, that you can easily put up a makeshift and cost-effective kitchen of your dreams.

Two-Burner Propane Grill

A grill is certainly one of the must-have items you will want to incorporate in your budget kitchen. The best choice would be a two-burner propane grill featuring two folding side shelves to provide extra space and an even-heat system that can guarantee well-cooked food. The choice of the finish and color is largely a personal thing, so do not be afraid to go for that retro look.

Outdoor Sink + Drinking Fountain

An outdoor kitchen just like an in-house one is incomplete without a sink. But building an outdoor sink area is never an easy task since it takes time, energy, and money. But this doesn't mean you should be worried. You can still bypass the cost aspect by ensuring you mount it on a cabinet or a wall and linking it with a spigot. You can also add a drinking fountain so you can have that natural sip of water while enjoying your outdoor setting.

Pizza Oven

If you are so passionate about pizza, you are going to find it necessary to include a pizza oven in your outdoor kitchen setup. The pizza oven is designed to resemble a brick oven except that it is portable to be moved around your outdoor space. If you or your family has hardcore lovers of crisp, thin, and brick oven-style pizza, you probably need to consider a pizza oven in your budget.

Outdoor Cooler

While a refrigerator may work for you, a sleek outdoor cooler may be a perfect option for your outdoor kitchen. You can fill it with ice and use it to cool your food, water, or drinks. When it is not in use, you can empty it and still use the as an extra top surface or a storage space.

Outdoor Kitchen Storage

Just like your indoor kitchen, you require ample storage space in your outdoor kitchen. Therefore, you need to ensure you include enough cabinets. For outdoor kitchens, stainless steel cabinets are the most ideal to the weather.

Make it a Real Room

The same you think about your interior space; a kitchen should be thought about as a complete room in your home. Remember the extremes of whether your outdoor kitchen will be exposed to, so you don't want to include a shade and all other amenities that can make your space as comfortable as possible. Therefore, a roof, a vent, cupboards, ceiling fans, and other necessities will be handy.

Adding some multipurpose ceiling and fan and light will not only add style to your outdoor kitchen but also ensure you are comfortable cooking no matter the time.

As a matter of consideration, you need to think about the walling or ceiling or lack thereof. If your outdoor kitchen design includes a grill or cooktop, it is a good idea to have sufficient ventilation above it.

Outdoor Seating

Though one of the least thought about items, seating is crucial for any outdoor kitchen. You can make your outdoor space feel comfortable by placing a large dining table and designer seats. Plus, you can add a TV to the wall so you can enjoy watching as you prepare or eat your favorite meal.

Don't Forget Lighting

In many cases, outdoor cookouts take place during the night, so consider having proper lighting. But who wants to do his or her cooking in the dark, anyway? Lighting is a key component for any properly functioning and awesome kitchen. You will require to figure out the right way of fitting electrical work and fixtures so as to avoid an overload or a less illuminated kitchen space.

Unique Outdoor Flooring

Your kitchen floor speaks volumes about your style and fashion so your choice will greatly affect the look of your kitchen and complement your outdoor décor. Black and white tiled floor is loved by many, especially when installed in outdoor spaces. You can choose from a variety of tile and tile options that can help you come up with your custom design.

When summer is around the corner, it becomes evident that you will need to spend lots of your time in outdoor spaces. This is the time you will do most of the cooking from outside. When you have your guests outdoors, it is tedious to shuttle between inside and out preparing and serving your dishes and food. The solution to this challenge is an outdoor kitchen. They go a long way in allowing you to navigate the backyard without having to run back and forth from your indoor kitchen to guests sitting outdoors.


Remember that outdoor kitchen design ideas are not only about beauty but also functionality. You need to work closely with your kitchen designer in considering the climate, positioning of your appliances and fixtures, as well as work out the best budget. With the right expert on your side, achieving a sleek and dream outdoor kitchen is fairly easy and straightforward.

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