Best Security Shades for Windows to Maintain Your Home Security

Investing in security shades for your home or office windows is always a great idea and offers multiple benefits. There are several brands of shades on the market, and choosing the most appropriate one for your needs requires some research.


This article contains information that you will find useful when you’re choosing the best security shades for your windows.

Curtains that completely block out the sun let you enjoy privacy during the day, but they darken the room and block your view of the outside. Indie shades or blinds are extremely popular, as they increase privacy while still allowing light in, and can add value to your property in terms of looks, usability, and convenience.

What Are Security Shades for Windows?

Security shades and shutters help maintain the privacy of a house or business. They are highly popular with people who want the peace of mind that comes with protection.

Window shades can be described as a stable window covering. They are highly effective in blocking scorching sunlight and preserving a cool, softly lit atmosphere inside the home or office. They help block or restrict the view of passersby who might look through the windows into the building.

What Are Solar Window Shades?

Solar window shades are also popularly known as sunshades. These are like roller shades but are engineered with a special fabric that is woven tightly enough to block harmful UV rays. These shades, however, do not obstruct the view to the outside. The tighter the weave and the denser the shade, the better protection it provides.

Rollac Window Shades

Rollac window shades generally feature industrial-grade materials and a modern yet minimalist design. It is easier for users to raise and lower the shades smoothly. They can be adjusted to any position you like. The hardware components are usually durable aluminum extrusions, which come powder coated for a better finish. Advanced design and the latest housing technology ensure that the shades will keep functioning for many years to come.

Zipper Track Window Shades

Zipper track window shades are particularly suitable for large windows and are designed to operate smoothly. These typically come with mesh solar screen fabric. The fabric retracts into the protective box at the top of the shade. A weighted aluminum hem bar at the bottom of the shade keeps the fabric taut, especially when it is windy.

Advanced zip-system technology ensures that the screen glides along the entire length of the window. These shades provide superior wind stability. Not only do they shield windows from the sun and wind, but they also keep flies and ants out of the building.

Why Install Them

There are several advantageous reasons for installing security shades in personal and commercial properties. A few prominent ones are:

  • Security shades minimize the amount of sunlight that enters the rooms of the house or office in which they’re installed. The occupants are protected from harmful UV and infrared rays. The density of the shade determines how much sunlight enters the rooms.
  • In gusting winds, they protect the people and valuables inside the house or office.
  • These shades can also keep unwanted guests like rodents, ants, and flies from entering the building.
  • Zipper track window shades are easy to operate. In areas where high winds are common, they are a valuable add-on to the property.
  • Transparent window shades guarantee both an excellent view outside and privacy inside during the daytime.
  • Textured and colored shades with decorative designs are affordable and add aesthetic value to the inside of a home or office.

How Are They Made?

Transparent solar shade fabrics are used to make the shades. Quality security shades from trusted brands are designed using robust, quality components that lock the fabric more securely into the fabric retention tracks.

These shades are custom-made according to the specifications the client provides. Accurate window measurements are important.

Modes of Operation

The shades that are available these days operate in three different ways. You can select from any of these according to your preference and convenience.

Remote Control-Operated

You can choose to operate solar shades for windows using a remote control. Just press a button, and the shades will come gliding down or go up automatically. You can open multiple shades individually or simultaneously using a remote while sitting on the couch or lying on the bed.

Wall Switch-Operated

These motorized shades are good choices for hard-to-reach windows. Just press the switch mounted on the wall, and the shades will go up or glide down.

Smart Device-Operated

You can also control Rollac window shades and/or zipper track window shades using smart devices. A smartphone or tablet gives you the convenience of operating the motorized shades even when no one is at home or in the office.

All these products are extremely convenient and are great choices for hard-to-reach windows. Explore all your options before making a choice.

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