Landscape Design Ideas to Increase the Value of Your Home

One of the best ways to boost the value of your property is by making adjustments to your landscape design. Not only is landscaping one of the most valuable endeavors, but it’s also one of the easiest to take on.


With the help of professional landscaping companies and some of the following landscape design ideas as inspiration, you can turn your landscape into one of your property’s most valuable assets.

Match the Home Aesthetic


Tailoring your landscape design to match the style of your home could be the best way to ensure that your landscape design won’t become dated and that you’re likely to achieve an excellent return on your investment over time.

Unless you make major renovations, the style of your home is unlikely to change. A landscape design that complements the home won’t look out of place. Matching your landscape design to the style of your home is also essential to achieve a cohesive, professional-looking property.

A completely disjointed landscape design aesthetic can decrease a property’s value by giving it a poorly designed appearance.

Achieve Year-Round Beauty


A landscape full of spring blossoms may fail to impress potential buyers who visit your home during other times of the year. A balanced planting strategy is required to create a landscape that looks attractive all year round.

It is important to combine plants with summer and winter interest in a single bed so that the healthier of the two will draw attention away from the other during a certain season. Evergreen plants are also essential to making your landscape look full and lush during winter.

Replacing areas of fragile vegetation with reliable hardscape features can also ensure that your landscape retains its beauty during the harsh winter months.

A Sophisticated Outdoor Living Space


Potential buyers will be looking for an outdoor space in which they can fully relax. The expected features of modern outdoor living spaces have come to include outdoor kitchens, poolscapes, and outdoor fireplaces and fire pits.

These luxuries facilitate the year-round enjoyment of a landscape by providing a place to cool down on hot summer days, a place to warm up on chilly evenings in the fall, and a place to prepare snacks and drinks.

An outdoor living space that facilitates all of that promises a potential buyer comfort and relaxation without having to make adjustments or renovations. Permanent shade structures and plenty of built-in seating can also improve the comfort and accessibility of outdoor living space.

An Impressive Lawn


Few features are more inviting than a neat, healthy, vibrant lawn. It’s similar to a welcome mat but serves to present the entire property. A fair deal of upkeep is required to maintain a healthy and good-looking lawn, so be sure to invest in a lawn care service.

A professional lawn care service will be able to identify pests and diseases affecting your lawn and treat them accordingly to prevent the death and replacement of patches of grass.

They will also take care of more detailed maintenance work, like edging, which is a time-consuming task but is immediately noticeable if neglected.

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