7 Outdoor Design Tips You Should Know

For those of us with a love of design, it’s hard to ignore the backyard and the patio when we undertake a bit of a refresher with our interior styling. A new paint job, some new furniture and new light fixtures all deserve to be complemented by a new outdoor design too!


As global trends move towards minimalism and sustainable design, it’s only right that our outdoor designs follow these trends too. It’s time to consider blending the indoor and outdoor lifestyle by implementing some connected devices, extending your living spaces or even adding renewable energy solutions.

Below we’ll take a look over our seven best outdoor design tips that might make all the difference.

#1. Think Sustainably and Minimally


Gone are the days of showcasing our endless consumption by filling our yards and patios with countless trinkets. Consider removing things like garden gnomes, decorative windmills as well as the unused sun-chairs and gazebos.

If you’re starting from scratch, this is where you can make the biggest difference. Leave plenty of space for plants, install a green wall and prioritize minimalism. This will save you money, leave you with a cleaner look and also cut back visual clutter. Incorporate the essentials and you’ll be left with a minimal, easy-to-clean outdoor lifestyle area.

#2. Embrace Indoor-Outdoor Living


A trend that’s been growing over the past few years is truly booming this year, and it's a blend of indoor and outdoor style. You should focus on blending the outdoor design with the rest of your home, and not try to make the patio or backyard look like an entirely new space.

To do this in the most effective way is pretty simple. All you’ll need to do is use the same color palette, furniture style and layouts that you use inside. This way, when your family and your guests walk outside, it feels just as familiar and inviting as your home, pulling the whole space together.

#3. Install In-ground Benches


If you’re lucky enough to have a sloping backyard, or just a built-up patio or garden, then build a bench into it! This will give you an added practical place to sit in the yard that doesn’t need to be moved or put away for the yard to look tidy.

These will also boast a double purpose as they’ll stop erosion on sloped backyards as well as make it more fun to maintain the garden bed. You’ll be able to sit down to pluck weeds or plant new flowers, rather than hunching over.

#4. Incorporate Solar Panels


You might be considering building an extra living space in your backyard or improving an existing gazebo or shed, and we have by far the best addition - solar panels. These can be used to power a number of your backyard and patio’s accessories from lighting, fountain pumps and even garden tools.

Have a look for easy-to-setup solar panels at stores like Outbax Camping and you’ll find that setting them up is just about effortless. Just set them down, or fix them to a structure, even a slanted wall, and you’ll be producing power to anything connected to the inverter.

#5. Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen

As the housing market cools, you’ll need to start looking for ways to improve and enlarge your home’s lifestyle space to boost sale value. There’s no better way to do this than with an outdoor kitchen! Consider installing an exterior kitchen either on the patio or in a new life space area in the yard and you’ll have a fantastic addition that’s certainly on trend.

#6. Don’t Forget Lighting


When you’ve redesigned an outdoor space, there’s an important element many of us don’t put enough effort into - exterior lighting. You don’t want to spend thousands or tens of thousands of dollars on a beautifully designed outdoor space only for it to be left in the dark at night.

Ensure outdoor kitchens are well lit with overhead lights, line footpaths with LED strips and certainly give the pool some added neon lighting. If you’ve transplanted a few gum trees or taller trees, have them up-lit and show them off. Feature lighting is vital, so definitely remember to go all out.

#7. Remember Heating and Cooling


Just like inside, you’ll want to stay comfortable on the patio or in the backyard, and that means you’ll need to think of your climate control options. Add a heating system for patios in colder climates and consider mister fans for hotter climates.

In the design phase, remember not to cut off seating areas from air circulation as you might be creating small, stale pergola ‘boxes’ in the yard if you install walls that are too high.

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