8 Backyard Design Ideas On A Budget

Upgrading your backyard landscape doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking affair or just a dream. Whether it has to do with softscaping or hardscaping, furnishing or enhancing with color, there are lots of budget-friendly ways to create an impactful backyard.


1. Save On Your Plant Purchases And Color Coordinate


You can get budget plants at sales at the close of blooming season or from wholesale nurseries. Perennials that can survive winters where you live can help you reduce yearly planting costs. Choose ones that impress by their texture and color. Bushes and ornamental trees can similarly help you save money in the long-run.

For vibrant color all through the year, get some potted annuals. To go up a notch, aim to get flowers that match the season such as pinks and whites for spring and summer, and reds and yellow for fall.

2. Invest in Mulch Or Artificial Grass


Mulch is a worthwhile investment because it keeps your garden safe from weeds thereby also reducing the quantity of water your plants need. It can also work as a design option. Spread out like-colored mulch on exposed soil and all flowerbeds for a unified, finished look.

Though artificial grass costs more, it too looks great and lasts much longer than mulch - usually 15 to 25 years for artificial grass Manchester over mulch that must be renewed every 2 to 3 years. What’s more if you have pets around, it encourages play on the grass rather than them damaging areas elsewhere in the yard.

3. Try Vertical Flora And Horticulture


A vertical garden is a great option if you have a small yard. It makes the limited space look larger while also lending interest. You can convert a wall or a wooden fence into one by just using some woodscrews or hooks, and hangers.

Hang potted plants as such or go creative and use simple wooden boxes. You can grow low-growing vegetables or succulents on the vertical boxes. Another idea that puts across a rustic image is a vertical garden made from a wooden ladder, some wire and terracotta pots.

Worth mentioning here is that it is preferable to use native plants in your garden to reduce pruning and watering prices.

4. Have Fun With Old Tires

old tires

Did you ever think that recycled or old tires could come in handy to transform your backyard? Here are some suggestions for those tires after you’ve painted them with some nice colors:

  • Arrange five of your tires into something of an X with two tires spaced out below, another one on top of them so that its edges touch the edge of each tire, and two tires supported on top of the center one and aligned with the bottom two. Organize your plants onto each of these colorful tires as you arrange them.
  • Use a tire to create a garden pond with the tire as base
  • Make a vertical garden with one or more tires as decorative planters.

5. Go for Low-cost Or DIY Furniture


Your backyard designing would be incomplete without outdoor seating. To cut down expenses, consider searching online for used patio seating. Alternatively, you can make do with existing indoor furniture.

Convert barstools and indoor chairs into suitable patio seating by applying waterproof sealant. If you have a tree stump, an innovative idea is to place a waterproof cushion over it.

Instead of replacing old outdoor furniture, consider fixing them with spray paint and fresh fabric or strappings.

6. Create A Pathway

wood pathway

Crushed stone or pea gravel can be used to create paths and patios without much expenditure. Quarter-inch crushed rock can be used to create a meandering path. To do so, first drive in stakes to decide the shape and then wrap bender board around them.

Lay out about four to five inches of crushed rock and then with the help of a plate compactor, flatten the surface. You don’t have to buy a plate compactor if you don’t already own one. Just get it on rent from a home or garden supply center.

7. Build Your Own Outdoor Fire Pit


There are lots of resources online on how you can build your own fire pit using items from the home improvement store.

8. Light it Up


Outdoor string lights are light on the pocket and fun and celebratory not to mention that they also provide a pleasant night-time ambiance. Drape your trees or outdoor pillars with them. When wrapped around pillars, the setup appears like delightful columns of light. You can also use them as a sparkling centerpiece for your table.

Try the ideas above and enjoy the next outdoor gathering admiring the fruits of your labor.

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