A Short Guide Before Buying Garden Awnings

An awning is an excellent addition to your garden that will add both extra functionality and stunning visual effect to your home.


These days, there are endless types of fabrics, patterns and frame designs you can choose for your backyard, which makes this product more customizable but complicates the decision-making process when shopping for the perfect awning. Fortunately, this guide should help you a lot with finding a great awning for your garden. Here is everything you need to know!

A Fabric For All Types of The Weather

One of the most significant decisions you will have to make is the type of fabric you want. It is highly recommended that you choose a quality waterproof retractable awning for your garden, as its fabric should cope with both high-heat and pouring rain so that you can still use your garden space. Choose a fabric that will prevent fading and weathering.

Invest in Intelligent Products

As future awnings owners, you probably don’t want to spend your time worrying about the weather. If you want a stress-free product, consider investing in intelligent awnings that are equipped with weather sensors. Typically, they are wind and sun sensors which will open/close your awning depending on the current weather. A comfort that is very much worth it.

The Right Size

The next important choice that should be on your list is the right size that will ensure adequate shade in your garden. Remember that the sun changes its position both throughout the day and the year, and your awning needs to be big enough to provide enough shading at all times.

Awning specialists should ask you to carry out a full technical survey to determine the right size for your awning, but you can also find such surveys online. Ensure that your awnings are fitted and positioned perfectly.

Choose a Timeless Design

A lot of people treat their garden as an extension of the house and want the design of it to match with the interior of the house. When choosing the style of your awning, make sure to go for a timeless pattern and color combination that accommodates any future interior design changes, one that won’t go out of style.

Plain or striped fabrics are the recommended solution. When it comes to shape, a contemporary tailored look should be a result of installing a straight hem.

Find The Best Price

Lastly, you should also consider the costs involved in the process of purchasing a garden awning. Check with your local providers and compare the quality to price ratio. Next, check with online stores specializing in selling awnings. Don’t forget about the additional cost of delivery and installation.

You might want to cut corners by installing the awnings yourself, but we recommend that you choose a professional to do it, as it is easy to make a mistake and endanger yourself and your housemates. Find a place where you can expect a great price and after-sales service. Any type of warranty is also a much-needed bonus.

Final Thoughts

Buying garden awnings is not that much of a complicated process. You need to get the shape, style, and size right, and then it’s all about looking for the perfect deal. An awning will extend the entertaining space in your garden and make it the centerpiece of your house.

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