Make Your Home Look And Feel Like A Cottage

Going to visit the cottage for a long weekend is a quintessentially Canadian activity, but unfortunately, not everyone is lucky enough to have a lakeside log home passed down through generations or to have enough money to purchase a new one.


As an affordable compromise, you can transform your home so that it looks and feels just as cozy as a family cottage.

The first thing that you should do for this home makeover is to replace your doors this summer — you should pick a warm wooden entry to become the focal point of your front porch. You will want to choose wood over other options because the material is a distinct feature of log homes and cabins.


If you prefer a nice pop of color, pick a fiberglass door with a shade that fits with the rustic theme — avoid bold or metallic hues that will make your entrance look too modern.

The company Golden Windows has a variety of exterior frame colors that will make you think of mornings swimming at the lake and nights sitting around campfires, like:

  • Buff
  • Wedgewood
  • Old World Blue
  • Tile Red
  • Wicker

The experienced window manufacturer in London can also help you get rid your old windows and get some rustic-looking replacements. GoldenWood double hung or single hung windows will be perfect picks for your home improvement, especially when they are paired with a Muskoka grille pattern.

After you have these London replacement windows professionally installed, you can place cottage-style window boxes filled with beautiful flowers, vibrant greens and fragrant herbs underneath their ledges.

You can pick plants that will either compliment the colors of your home’s exterior façade or find ones that perfectly match — for instance, if your front door is a yellow hue you can choose between a contrasting bunch of purple violets or a group of golden daffodils.


If you want to create a cottage alternative in your backyard but don’t have enough patience for gardening, you can maximize your backyard space and open up the deck for lounging and relaxation.

Think about improvements that will be fitting with the theme while adding just a pinch of luxury near your patio chairs, like a bubbling hot tub or a brilliant fire pit.

If you do have a green thumb, you can create a no-work cottage garden using resilient low-maintenance plants so that you won’t need to exert too much effort to keep them blooming, other than spraying them occasionally with a hose.

Here is a brief list of plants that you could put into your garden plot and let flourish without any stress:

  • Coneflowers
  • Wild Indigo
  • Daylilies
  • Russian Sage
  • Lambs’ Ears

You don’t need to have a cottage to visit during long weekends and holidays when your very own home has the same look and feel.

For perfect cottage look around your home, you can also install RV covers for covering your vehicles. You can don your sunglasses, pick up a good book and sit on your patio furniture to take in the sweet smell of wildflowers. With these clever makeover tips, you can feel like you’re taking a family vacation every single day.

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