Five Great Additions to Your Garden

Our gardens are perfect sanctuaries for many of us. Plenty of people take great delight in placing numerous colorful plants in the borders, trimming foliage to make it look tidy, and even mowing the lawn to keep it well kept. Yet you may also be asking: is there something else I can do with this space?


Whether you're on the lookout for something practical, or even an item that will add a little more joy, many different things can enhance your garden area. There's plenty of choices out there, but here are just some of the best that you may want to think about.

A Herb and Vegetable Garden


As well as looking great, a vegetable garden is beneficial in many different ways. The different foliage from other plant varieties will look excellent, and there are plenty of vegetables that will thrive in your garden: spinach, tomatoes, beets, and carrots are just some of those. Having home-grown vegetables not only encourages healthier eating, but also, you'll get a sense of fulfillment.

Herbs are also versatile and give you tasty additions to your recipes. As well as looking beautiful, they can smell good as well. Certain herbs can also repel pests, such as mosquitoes.

A Garden Shed


This could add value to your property, as well as being incredibly useful. You can use a shed to store your garden tools and equipment, for instance. You may even want to have a picturesque playhouse for your children or fill any window boxes with dazzling flowers.

If you like using your hands to work on tasks, you can use your shed for model building, carpentry, or any other project - so you could end up having the ideal wooden workshop for your garden.

A Patio


Although this may be a significant addition to your garden, you may wish to still consider it even if it's in a few years. It can be expensive if you hire a professional to carry out the work - but will be significantly less, so if you do it yourself, or if you get assistance from a friend or relative.

Not only can you spend extra time with a loved one, but you can also celebrate your work together once you've finished your new patio.

A Water Feature


This can be a great item to incorporate into your garden - or many additions if you're feeling bold. If you don't fancy hearing the trickling sound of running water, then getting a birdbath can be a good alternative. This will encourage birds to aerate the soil and attract more insects into your garden: a beautiful thing to hear and see.

A Swing Seat


This will help to add pleasure and interest to a small garden, as it brings some movement into the space. A swing seat will encourage you to go down a path - as will any type of seat. So put your seat or bench somewhere in your garden where you can see another part of it, such as a colorful border or tree.

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