How to Choose Proper Flowers for Window Boxes to Spruce Up Your Home

Flower window boxes are an elegant way to spruce up any home. They are also inexpensive to create and maintain when you choose the proper flowers.


Before you take on this project, it is helpful to consider what flowers are suitable for window boxes. The right choice means less work and more beauty to enjoy.

Things To Consider When Making a Flower Window Box

Flower Window Box

There are a few variables that need to be addressed before you start constructing window boxes. First and foremost, you should decide on the location of the box. Will it be inside or outside of the home?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each style. Outside window boxes add visual appeal to the home and can mesh well with the surrounding landscape. If you have an existing outdoor garden, an outside box is a great choice. You'll need to think about the hardiness of plants when finding the best flowers for flower window boxes if you go this route.

Placing a window box inside the home is better suited for those who have limited gardening experience. It can also be appealing to elderly homeowners who can no longer actively maintain an outdoor garden.

Basic Information About Flower Selection for Window Boxes


Whether the flower box is inside or outside, heat will be a factor. Most windows are open to the sunshine and receive lots of it. This means that you'll want to choose plants that don't need a lot of water. There just isn't enough room in window boxes to keep thirsty plants hydrated unless you want to make watering a daily routine. You'll also want to stay away from plants that thrive in the shade.

If your flower window box is inside the home, remember that sunlight coming through a window can generate a lot of direct heat and create a greenhouse effect. Some plants may not acclimate as well as others.

Flower box environments are small. Transplanted plants are not good choices for window boxes. Your results will be better if you start with young plants. These plants will grow accustomed to their smaller environment.

Perennials for Your Flower Window Box

Perennials Flower Window Box

Ivy has long been a favorite of those who keep flower window boxes. It is easy to maintain and fills up a lot of space. It is also wonderfully green throughout the year when cared for properly. Other trailing plants that work well in window boxes include wintercreepers and periwinkles.

Dwarf fuchsia is an evergreen bloomer that will grow fairly tall. There are even some varieties that produce flowers in the summer. Fuchsia is known for its hardiness and does well in a wide variety of climates.

Annuals for Your Flower Window Box

Annuals Flower Window Box

Those with outdoor flower window boxes will appreciate the options afforded by many annual plants. Quite a few annuals love direct sunlight. That makes them one of the best flowers for flower window boxes.

Vinca, marigolds, and petunias all offer nice color and hardiness. Petunias, in particular, are nice because they can be found in both trailing and upright varieties. The marigold maintains blooms throughout the season and is a wonderful choice if color is important to you.

Getting the Most From Your Flower Window Box

flower for window box

You'll want to enjoy your flower window box for as long as the season will allow. You can choose plants that bloom from spring until autumn. There are even a few varieties of flowers that will bloom in the winter.

Ideally, you would like for your flower window box to be in bloom about six to seven months out of the year. Some winter plants can be nice, though, especially around Christmas. If you have them already in place, you can even save money on your outdoor Christmas decor.

Building flower window boxes is one of the most rewarding gardening projects. These boxes brighten up the home and add character. As with any gardening project, careful planning is key. Use those winter months to thoughtfully craft a springtime flower window box plan.

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