Decorating the Garden Fence: 6 Ideas that You Will Love

The fence is an essential part of the décor in any garden and yet, we often totally forget about it. It is almost surprising how much difference fences can make if you manage to decorate them properly, and the following six tips are meant to help you with just that.


Hanging Rainboots


If you have some old rainboots lying around, put them to use with this DIY garden fence decoration. Just hang them from a section of the fence and turn them into planters by growing flower shrubs right from inside them.

It looks best when the boots are of varying color and design, as well as the flowers sprouting from each of them. The same can be done with handbags too and you will probably have better luck finding old, used handbags in the attic than colorful rain boots.



Same as the rainboot decoration we discussed earlier, but instead of boots, you will, of course, be using real wooden planters this time. They are clean, traditional, mainstream and can even be alternated with clay pots.



It’s an old practice really and just like the hanging rainboots, they don’t just have to be decorative because they can be functional as well.

Decorate your fence with colorful and cute little birdhouses and soon your garden will be teeming with tiny birds from all over, adding the best kind of color to your garden.



Murals work best on composite and vinyl fencings, which are also among the easiest to maintain fencing materials. It’s not that you cannot have a mural on wooden fences, but they don’t last as long and, therefore, maintenance is hard.

You can choose a different theme for the art on each section to create a contrast, or have it painted in a way that each mural compliments the other in the same theme.

Fairy Lights


The fairy lights are simple to install, they look great, and they literally light up the fence once the sun goes down, but there’s just one drawback here; fairy lights do not look as beautiful during the day when they are turned off.

This is why, instead of using fairy lights every day, it is recommended that you use them only during special occasions or during celebrations. A beautiful mural on a fence lit up by red, yellow and blue fairy lights, can look absolutely amazing during the night though.

Climbing Rose Vines


In many ways, this is the epitome of classic garden fence décor, but it’s certainly not easy. Once you do know how to grow them though, there’s just nothing that looks better. The only catch here is that they may not survive the winter if left outside.

Aside from the six we just discussed, it is likely that you got some ideas of your own while reading it, and that’s even better. Feel free to add a few customized strokes of your own to these fence decoration ideas and truly make them your own.

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