Top 7 Garden Pest Management Tips

Pest insects can destroy your garden. If you enjoy gardening while being concerned about your own health and environment, then Drake Pest Control should focus on natural or organic pesticides, instead of products that contain chemicals and toxins.


There are many ways to protect against pests that can scare insects away from your garden without polluting the surface, ground or harming your health. Organic pesticides and repellents can be used to treat the site.


1. Identify which types of insects harm your garden and which are helpful to it. For example, bees and ladybugs are important components of the garden ecosystem, as they pollinate flowers and exterminate some types of pests.

2. Hang a bird feeder and bath in the garden. Birds are a natural remedy for pests. Their presence on the site will save you from many harmful insects. To attract birds, they also use sunflower planting. At the same time, planting them along the borders of your garden as a fence, you can also protect your beds from wild animals.

3. Pull the net over plants in the garden. Lightweight mesh is good pest protection for your trees and flowers without the use of traditional insect repellent with harmful chemicals. Find a grid that is transparent enough to let sunlight pass through to the plants. You can find the right material at home and garden stores.

4. Remove pests manually. Your hands will serve as a biological pesticide - collect slugs, snails and beetles. When collecting hands with insects, put them in a bowl or basin filled with a soapy water solution - this contributes to their death. Use a stick to knock down beetles from tree branches that cannot be reached from the ground.

5. Make your own organic pesticide. Here, the control of garden pests comes down to the preparation of aggressive solutions for insects - make a mixture of machine oil and water and fill it with a spray bottle. Spray this solution in the garden and over the beds to deter pests.

6. Use factory-produced organic pesticides. Now in any large and not so big city, you can find a number of shops with garden products that sell suitable substances that will help in pest control. Be sure to read the composition. Make sure that the product does not contain chemicals and elements that you are not sure about.

7. Follow the directions on the label. Most organic pesticides are supposed to be sprayed directly on the beds, leaves, crown of trees, flowers. Try diatomaceous pest repellents, which are powders made from marine animal fossils. When using such funds, insects die from dehydration. Use products containing garlic. Garlic is a natural insecticide and fungicide and best protects fruit trees and beds.


Consult and share experiences with other gardeners and pest control experts who use organic pesticides or other environmentally friendly methods to repel and kill pests. A lot of materials can also be found on the Internet you can check out those too.

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