How To Keep Garden Weeds Under Control

It’s easy to let the battle against weeds become all-consuming if you aren’t careful! Many a gardener spends hours of their life obsessively tracking down weeds and rooting them out, only to become enraged when they grow back again.


However, if you approach the problem with a little strategy, you can enjoy a weed-free garden without all the effort.

Weeds Seed Everywhere


The first thing you need to know for effective weed control is that weeds drop seeds all of the time, but it’s only those in the top couple of inches of soil that actually get enough sunlight to germinate. This means that when you dig up new patches of soil, it’s quite likely that you are bringing weed seeds closer to the surface and allowing them to grow.

There are two ways around this. The first is to dig up your garden as little as possible. If you never dig up the seeds and give them access to sunlight, the weeds will never grow.

The second is that if you do dig up your garden, keep an eye out for weeds as they begin to grow and pull them out as soon as you see them. It’s also a good idea to pull up weeds regularly, or at least cut off the heads so that they don’t get the chance to drop their seeds.



Mulch is a great tool in your fight against weeds! Not only does it keep the soil cool and moist so that plants can thrive, but it also prevents the weed seeds underneath from getting any light, and prevents them from growing.

Some organic mulches also play host to crickets and carabid beetles, which will actually seek out weed seeds and devour them like your own personal weedkillers. If you don’t fancy making mulch yourself, then check out the range available at

Pull When Wet


If you’re pulling up weeds, be sure to do it when the ground is wet. This will ensure that the whole weed, along with its root system, comes up when you pull it — pulling weeds when dry often means that parts of them are left behind, which just means that they will grow again in the future.

Be sure to use gardening gloves when weeding as some weeds can cause irritation to the skin, and also arm yourself with a trowel for those more stubborn weeds.

Mindful Planting


Weeds love to grow in the gaps between plants, which is bad news because they often steal essential nutrients from the plants that are their neighbors! If you want to discourage weed growth, then try planting the plants you actually want closer together so that there is no room for the weeds to grow. You can usually shave about 25% off of the recommended spacing between plants.

Tend to Your Soil

garden soil

Weeds won’t grow as well in soil that has been frequently fed with organic materials and compost, so it’s a good idea to make feeding your soil a priority if you want to avoid weeds.

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