How to Convert a Wine Barrel into Table Using Round Glass Table Top (Step by Step Guide)?

Furniture should be unique and welcoming in every space. Whether you are a DIY enthusiast or not, you can spice up any space with unique pieces of furniture. These unique pieces of furniture are also readily available in stores.


The focus of this article is on converting a wine barrel into a table with a round glass table top. DIY enthusiasts will especially find this an interesting read. Who knows you may just happen to activate your DIY interest if you’re not an enthusiast.

Before we get into the process of converting wine barrels into tables, we will share other details. First off, we begin with why wine barrels are suitable for making furniture and share a bit of their history.

Why Wine Barrels Make Excellent Furniture

Wine Barrel

Wine barrels look great when repurposed as furniture. There are several other notable qualities that make wine barrels great for furniture. Wine barrels are made of wood. Oakwood is the most popular form of wood for making barrels. Barrels made with Oakwood are especially sturdy, making them great for furniture. Add a round glass tabletop, and you have a new table.

In repurposing wine barrels, it is easy to repaint it. Repainting a material that is being repurposed is an important step. People with even basic painting skills can repaint a wine barrel. The design of the interior of wine barrels makes them especially suitable for storage. You can design a storage compartment for your wine barrel table.

The staves of wine barrels make excellent furniture material for making chairs. The staves turn out beautifully as legs of stools. A wine barrel top turns out great as a tabletop as well as the top of stools. So even if you don’t want to add a round glass tabletop, you would still get a fine table.

History of Wine Barrels


History records the first storage equipment of wine as clay amphorae. The wine was stored in clay amphorae centuries ago by Romans and Egyptians especially. Clay amphorae were, however, not suitable for transporting wine for long-distance. These storage compartments could break on the road.

It is reported that the Romans got the inspiration to make wine barrels from Oakwood from the people of Gaul. The people of Gaul stored beer in kegs made from Oakwood. Wine barrels became established as a storage compartment of wine because of the aging effect. It was noticed that wine stored in barrels aged better.

Converting a Wine Barrel into a Table Using Round Glass Tabletop


It is important to mention that very basic DIY skills are needed for making this table. You also do not have to be particularly creative to make this table using the round glass tabletop.

Materials Needed

Since this is not a very complicated project, a lot of the tools you need are basic. Here are the tools that you would need for this project.

  • Wine barrel
  • Wine corks
  • Round glass tabletop
  • Stain
  • Brush
  • Glue gun

Steps to Convert Wine Barrels into Tables Using a Round Glass Tabletop

Step 1 - Get all the Materials You Need Together

Barrels are usually available for sale. After about eight refilling, a wine barrel loses its ability to age wine properly. Such wine barrels are usually available for sale. In places where the wine industry is particularly active, you can easily find barrel sellers. If you don’t live close to such places, you could ask from your local wine shop. There are also online shops that sell wine barrels. Generally, wine barrels are easily accessible.

Since this is a DIY project, the wine corks should be from wines consumed by you or your friends. You can create a cork storage system and notify friends and families of your need for wine corks. A basket is great storage for keeping wine corks together until you need them.

You can buy the brushes you will need from shops that sell home improvement materials. You would need brushes of different sizes because of the design of barrels. A bigger brush would be for the overall application of the paint. A smaller brush would be for proper finishing of the application around the edges too.

The round glass tabletop can be bought from shops. While buying one, do consider essential features such as the quality of glass. The stain for this project is one that should highlight the features of Oakwood. The stain is available in shops that sell home improvement items.

The size of the round glass table top you choose should be determined by your preference. The diameter could be the same as the wine barrel. That is if you want the round glass table top sitting in the barrel. Otherwise, you could choose one with a greater diameter. That way, it will be placed on top of the barrel.

Step 2 - Attach the Wine Corks to the Barrel

The next step is to attach the wine corks to the top of the barrel. This can be done through different methods, which include the use of a hot glue gun. You can be as creative as possible with this process arranging the corks as you deem fit.

You can attach the cork to the barrel by standing it with the top upwards or any other preferred style. The number of corks you would need will depend on the pattern you choose as well as the barrel size.

Step 3 - Move the Barrel to Your Preferred Location

The other steps can be done anywhere else. However, you need to move the barrel to its permanent location before you place the round glass tabletop. It is advisable that you do it this way because of the weight when the round glass tabletop is placed.

Outdoor spaces that are perfect for this table include backyards and patios. The table would also be great for indoor spaces such as living areas. Depending on the style of workspaces, this table could also fit in excellently.

Step 4 - Place the Round Glass Tabletop on the Barrel

This is the final major step and should be carried out in the permanent location of the table. You can do this by attaching the round glass table top to the barrel with any adhesive. You can also place the round glass tabletop without any adhesive.

The two basic methods of placing the round glass tabletop are known for distinguishing features. If an adhesive is used, it may be difficult to move and DE compartmentalize the table. The reverse is the case when adhesives are not used.

If you wouldn’t use adhesive, you should aim for a round glass tabletop with good weight. That way, you wouldn’t be bothered about it accidentally slipping off the barrel.

Step 5 - Get Accessories For the Table

This step is completely according to your preference. Every table needs chairs. Chairs are some of the accessories for the table you could be. Irrespective of the location of the table, you should aim for it to make a statement.

Oakwood generally makes a statement. With the right accessories, you should be able to make a statement with your table. You should also aim for the table and accessories to blend into the style of the space.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Wine Barrel Furniture


If you opt to buy a wine barrel table rather than build one, you should consider several factors. These factors will guide you to the most suitable choice, giving you the best value for your money.

  • Type of wood: The type of wood will determine the quality of the table. Confirm that it is Oakwood or some other wood of excellent quality.
  • Durability: The quality of wood will determine the durability of the table made with a round glass tabletop. You should also confirm that the barrel is not a replica. It is advisable to stick to buying wine barrels from reputable sources. These sources can be found based on referrals or heading to a wine country.

The projected lifespan of furniture is another indication of durability. You can find out the projected lifespan from the manufacturer.

What to Do to an Old Wine Barrel


There is a lot more you can do with a wine barrel. Even though our focus is on making a table, we highlight other wine barrel items below.

  • Chairs: As mentioned above, the staves of wine barrels make great legs of furniture. Thus, you can make unique chairs with a wine barrel.
  • Bars: The interior of wine barrels has a lot of space. Wine barrels can thus be repurposed as bars. These bars could be indoors or outdoors.
  • Rain barrels: Wine barrels can also serve as rain barrels, for storing rainwater. Barrels used for this purpose should be confirmed to be watertight.
  • Stave trays: Stave trays can be made from wine barrels. Repurposing a barrel as a stave tray is a process that requires creativity. In the same vein, a barrel could also serve as a sushi plate.

Other items that can be made from wine barrels include bar stools, wine racks, cabinets, and benches. There are organizations committed to creating different materials form wine barrels.


Wine barrels can be repurposed into different items. These items include a table with a round glass tabletop. All DIY lovers can use the steps listed above in converting their wine barrel into a table using the round glass tabletop.

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