How to Enjoy Your Backyard During Winter

Many people are often tempted to crank up their thermostat, light a roaring fire and adorn a chunky knit when the weather takes a turn for the worst. However, you shouldn’t allow a little thing like colder temperatures to stop you from enjoying the beauty of your outdoor space.


If you want to breathe in some fresh air and the tranquil backdrop of your exterior, you should read the following tips on how to enjoy your backyard during winter.

Brighten Up the Outdoors with Garden Lanterns


Make dark winter nights a thing of the past by incorporating garden lanterns into your outdoor space. For example, you can place small lanterns near your flower borders to create a magical setting or you could hang them from beautiful trees.

Install a Fire Pit


You don’t need to fear a cold winter when you have a fire pit installed in your garden. It can quickly keep you and your loved ones warm throughout the season, which will provide the perfect setting for enjoying a mug of hot chocolate while spending some quality time with your nearest and dearest. Plus, it can add a splash of sophistication and charm to your exterior design.

Create a Warm Conservatory


A conservatory can provide homeowners with the option to enjoy the beauty of their backyard while enjoying the comfort of the indoors. However, you must aim to increase its temperature to ensure you aren’t tempted to retire to your cozy living room. For example, you can install column radiators from Warmrooms, hang drapes and blinds, and minimize drafts.

Attract Wildlife by Adding a Birdfeeder


While the sun might not be shining, there will still be plenty of beauty to enjoy in your backyard. For instance, you can attract much wildlife into your outdoor space by adding a bird feeder, which should be filled with seed and suet to feed various birds during winter. You could even add dried corncobs for chipmunks and squirrels.

You also should fill a birdbath with water to help various wildlife to remain hydrated; however, you should melt away any ice with hot water to ensure they can enjoy a much-needed drink.

Plant Garden Containers to Spruce Up Your Space


If you have an itch to get back into your garden, but are unable to plant shrubs and flowers in a ground that is hardened with frost, you should plant garden containers instead. For example, you could incorporate wintergreen, ajuga, carex or hardy sedums into the containers, which will look beautiful when placed on either your patio or porch.

Perform Neglected Maintenance Tasks


Many people neglect various gardening duties throughout spring and summer, such as sharpening their mower blades or organizing the garden shed. As you will not be spending your time tending to your lawn or flower beds during winter, you should embark on the maintenance tasks you have been neglecting throughout the year. It will ensure you are fully prepared once spring rolls back around.

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