How to Prep Your Garden Tools & Landscape Equipment for Fall/Winter

As the weather starts to turn colder, it’s time for garden tools and lawn care equipment to go into storage for the season. With the right care, you keep your gardening equipment in top shape for many growing seasons to come. Here are a few tips to get your tools and larger equipment like a PTO wood chipper ready for fall and winter.


Garden Tools


Smaller gardening tools like trowels and pruning shears need to be cleaned and sharpened at the end of each season. Gather up all your smaller tools, then use water and a wire brush to remove any dirt or other debris. Let the tools dry completely before you put them away. For tools like hedge clippers or gardening shears, you can use a file or sharpening stone to tune up the blades for next year.

Larger hand tools like shovels or spades requires a few additional steps. Use steel wool to buff away rust on the metal portion of your tools, then coat with a thin layer of motor oil to prevent additional rusting. Sand wooden handles to smooth them down, then apply some linseed oil to keep them from cracking.

Landscape Equipment


Larger lawn care equipment like the PTO landscape rake can last for years with the right care. When mowing season is done, there are a few steps you can take to keep your landscape equipment in shape.

Follow these steps to get your lawn mower ready for winter storage:

• Empty the Fuel:

You don’t want gasoline to sit in your mower over the winter. Once you’ve done your last mow of the season, empty out the fuel. If the gas has a fuel preservative in it, you can store it through the winter, then reuse it in the spring. Once you’ve cleared out most of the gas, start the mower and run it to get rid of any excess.

• Clean the Mower:

You’ll want to clean the underside of the mower before it goes into the garage for months. Remove the blade and sharpen it, then use a putty knife to clear out any buildup from the underside.

Change the oil, replace the spark plug and clean the air filter to finish your winter mower prep.

Snow Equipment


While your summer equipment goes into hiding, it’s time to get your snow removal equipment ready for action. Pull out your snow thrower and snow plow attachments to make sure they’re in working order before the first snowfall.

If you have a snow thrower, you’ll want to check the fuel, oil and mechanical parts. Apply lubricant to any parts that pivot. Think about anything that is prone to replacement, like shear pins and other spare parts. Be sure to have plenty of extra parts on hand to make it through the winter. Stock up on other snow removal supplies like rock salt, and make sure your handheld snow shovel is in good condition.

Cleaning, repairing and properly storing garden tools and landscape equipment like the PTO wood chipper is essential to keeping your tools in good working order. Take some time in the late summer and early fall to give everything a once over before the weather turns. If any of your gear needs replacing, turn to a trusted landscape equipment seller to find new tools.

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