Smart Ways to Use Gravel in your Garden

When you think of gravel, the first thing that pops up in your head would be driveways. Surprisingly, gravel is one of the most versatile hardscaping materials. It has the quality to enhance the look of any garden style by beautifully blending with the garden aesthetics. Contacting a reputed supplier like Sand 4 U is the ideal way to purchase a high-quality gravel stock.


With plenty of colors and sizes available, gravel works perfectly as a pathway material, filler, or even mulch. Are you thinking how else you can use gravel in your landscape? Here are some smart ideas to include gravel to work in your garden, thus elevating its appeal by manifolds.



Gravel makes an excellent walkway material that produces the pleasing crunch underfoot. The best part is it enables quick drainage, keeping your walkways safe from stagnated water.

The right type of gravel and its proper installation can limit the gravel rolling. For instance, fine gravel or large crushed gravel fitting perfectly in place can contain the rolling effect.

A layer of base rock acts as a strong foundation for a gravel walkway. With the compressed base layer set, a two to four inches of high-compact gravel layer over it makes a great walkway.



Gravel has a porous surface that allows water to drain through it. As an excellent patio material, it adds a nice texture to the floor, enhancing your patio's visual appeal.

You can style your garden with the right size and color of gravel matching with the other hardscaping materials. Using gravel on the patio gives a high contrast between the gravel flooring and the furniture in the courtyard.

Water Features


When mixed with stones, gravel finds its applications in covering the bottoms of ponds and recirculating fountains. The surrounding plants look super lush and vibrant against the dark gravel.

A classic gravel fountain needs almost no maintenance, and the gravel-filled reservoir below collects the overflowing water for recirculation. However, for that, you need to consult an experienced gravel supplier like Sand 4 U that sells quality gravel perfect for such applications.

Filler for Flagstone Pathways


In Australia, flagstones are commonly called as crazy paving, perhaps because the stone slabs come in random shapes and sizes.

Gravel is an excellent filler between these stone slabs, making it a more appealing combination than paver pathways with ground covers between the pieces.

A layer of compact base rock prevents the gravel from rolling over the flagstones. After laying the flagstones just above the base rock layer, a spread of gravel can fill the gaps. Matching the gravel color with the flagstone can make the pathway look more attractive.

Controlling Erosion


If you have a hilly bed in your garden, you might face soil erosion. Using crushed gravel is a cost-effective way of preventing soil erosion. It has more angular edges that help catch and hold soil particles in the presence of running water.

Along with other soil-erosion preventive measures like planting more trees and soil reinforcement meshes, gravel helps curtail erosion, thus preserving the soil fertility.

Using gravel in gardens is increasingly becoming more popular, owing to its flexibility and environmental benefits like preventing erosion and runoff. Purchase your gravel stock from a reputed dealer; use it stylishly to give your garden a personal touch.

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