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Humid Garden is now accepting guest posts from gardening experts who can share useful gardening tips. These are great opportunities for our readers to learn from you.

Submission Guidelines

1. Word Count: 1,000 – 2,000 words.

2. Topics: relating to gardening tips, organic garden, landscaping, lawn care, garden design, home décor, home improvement.

3.Title: Make it catchy to readers.

4. First paragraph: The first paragraph should make an awesome first impression that leaves readers craving for more!

5. Sections: Break the article into appropriate subheadings.

6. Writing Style:

  • Read some articles on our site to understand our writing style.
  • Express your own voice and personality so that people can connect with the writer better.
  • Every tip in the article should be concise and clear.
  • Each sentence shouldn’t be too long. To improve readability, consider breaking it into multiple sentences.
  • The length of each paragraph should be from 2 – 4 lines

7. Links: One link per post, no affiliate links. If you link to commercial sites, we will charge an admin fee.

8. Pictures: Pictures must be included with the article. These must be original, good-quality images (at least 750px wide), and must be copyrighted so that you can use them commercially without having to give credit to the original author.

9. Content: 100% original content (pass copyscape.com) and no grammar mistakes (I will check). I reserve full approval and editorial rights.

10. Meta Description: Around 140 - 150 characters including spaces. It will be used to grab reader`s attention and make them want to read the article.

By publishing your article on our site, you are giving all the rights to us. You can’t republish that post on any other blog/platform without our permission. Please share your published articles on any social networking sites you use, such as Facebook, G+, Twitter,... etc.

Please note that submitting a post does not guarantee that it will be published. We will reject if it does not meet our above requirements.

If you’re still interested, send us an email accompanied with your article at laura.humidgarden [at] gmail [dot] com.

We'd love to hear from you.