How Do I Stop My Chainsaw From Overheating

There are many reasons why a chainsaw will overheat. There are a number of symptoms and solutions.

In this post, I’ll be covering exactly what you need to know about identifying the symptoms of an overheating chainsaw and how to fix it.


Burnt Bar


This one is pretty obvious. If the bar is burnt, it’s been overheating. This is because the chain rotates around the bar thousands of times per minute. The chain is touching the bar while it rotates, causing friction, and this friction causes heat.

You need to prevent so much friction from being created and this is done with bar oil. Most modern chainsaws come with an automatic chain oiler.

You simply have to fill it with bar oil and it will automatically lubricate the bar. However, your bar won’t always get oiled and that’s because the oil holes have been blocked. You’ll need to take the bar off the chainsaw, you’ll see a small hole near the mounting bolts.

You simply need to unblock these holes, this can be done with a simple screwdriver, just stick something in there and unblock that hole.

Boiling Gas


When you see your gas boiling, it can be a scary feeling. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how to easily fix this. The reason why the gas tank is boiling is that the chainsaw has been clogged with lots of debris.

This debris is transferring heat to the gas tank, causing it to boil. You need to open the side piece where all the components will be exposed, from here, you simply need to clean it.

Get into every single bit you can. The best way to clean your chainsaw is with a degreasing chemical, simply spray it around and let it sit for 2-3 minutes. Now you just wipe it down clean with a rag.

After this is done, you will simply grease it again, motor oil will do the trick. Make sure you leave no spot unclean.

Unblock the Air Filter


The air filter is there to prevent debris from getting to the engine, protecting it, and maintaining its life. As time goes on, the air filter will eventually get blocked, causing heat, and even preventing the chainsaw from starting at all since it needs air to initiate.

Clean your air filter, a simple wash will do, leave it out to dry, and insert it back into the chainsaw. If your air filter has been damaged beyond repair, you’ll have to get a new one.

Dull Chain


If you’ve got a dull chain and you’re shoving it into the wood, you’ll cause your chainsaw to smoke. You need to go ahead and sharpen the chain. You can sharpen it with a simple file but I would advise against that.

Most people will often file their chain incorrectly, even chainsaw users with years of experience still don’t know how to do it. Instead, just get a Stihl chain sharpener, it’s a great piece of kit that will save you from lots of headaches.

Trying to Do Too Much


Your chainsaw may not be designed to be doing the task you’ve put it up to. If you’re trying to fell a hardwood tree with a 14-inch electric chainsaw, it’s going to have an incredibly difficult time. It’s going to overheat because you’ve overworked it.

Even if it does cut down the tree, you’ve probably decreased the life span of the chainsaw. So make sure you’re using your chainsaw appropriately.


So those were the popular reasons why your chainsaw will overheat and how to fix the issue. Make sure you’re maintaining your chainsaw regularly by cleaning it after use and keeping the chain sharp.

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