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Turn Your Shed Or Summerhouse Into A Sanctuary

The average shed is used for storing garden tools, paint, bikes or items that we don’t use very often, such as seasonal decorations. Now is a great time to stop considering your shed as a room to dump unwanted things and clear them out.

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What Are the Best Trees to Provide Shade?

Good trees provide a lot more than just beautifying your backyard. They provide clean air and are the game changers in your landscape. When picking the perfect shade tree for your backyard, it’s important to make an informed decision but don’t compromise quality.

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The Impact of COVID-19 on Commercial Agriculture

When the first COVID-19 outbreak occurred in March, Americans panicked. Fears of what was coming next resulted in empty supermarket shelves across the nation.

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6 Ways to Keep Rats Out of Your Garden, And 1 to Avoid

It is very common to encounter rats in your garden. This is because rats will go anywhere where there is food to eat and your garden presents such a wonderful opportunity. Rats tend to go into gardens, dig holes to hide in, and then eat your supply of fresh vegetables.

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How to Ensure Your Garden is Dog-Safe This Summer

During the summer months its important to keep your dog in and around the house to avoid them going on long walks in the heat, so you need to ensure your garden is safe for them to enjoy.

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The Link Between Your Beautiful Home Garden & Health

Have you ever tested out your green thumb? They say that not everyone is born with this special thumb.

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An Introduction To Aquaponics: The New Approach To Gardening

You may have heard of aquaponics, the amalgamation of aquaculture and hydroponics. Of course, the idea of keeping fish in order to grow plants without soil does sound more complicated than traditional gardening methods.

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Real Estate Investment Property Loans With No Money Down: 5 Tips To Make Money From Your Garden

You don't need a massive amount of money to enter real estate investing. Often, you don't even need a down payment. All you have to do is check on your properties like house, lot, or garden.Landscape your garden to add value to your property, or you can simply make it into a money-making business.

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How to Choose The Best Christmas Gifts For Gardeners

Choosing Christmas presents can be tricky but not if you think plants and trees. Garden gifts such as shrubs, trees and plants that fruit make magical gifts for people of all ages, with all types of gardens (even balconies and windowsills) and with all types of gardening experience. Here’s our gift guide.

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4 Reasons to Blog Your Blooms

Put on your straw hat. Slide on those gloves. Strap on the knee pads. Then get dirty! And when you are done, wash up then get to typing. If you have never thought about writing a blog about planting your tomatoes or weeding your flower beds, you should consider doing so.

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