How to Add an Extra Room to Your Garden

Adding an extra room to a garden can sometimes feel like an encroachment: your wonderful garden will see a small extension from the adjacent house, losing the kind of garden space that you love to play with.


But, you needn’t feel despondent; actually, extensions are perfectly valid ways to add a new room to your home, while also giving you a completely different — and more exciting — garden space to work with. In this short guide, you’ll learn how to add that extra room into your garden while preserving what you love about your outdoor space.

Build the Room

As you will likely have already achieved permission from your local authority to build your extension, and you’ll have arranged with builders, contractors and laborers to help build your small addition into your garden, the first stage is of course to build. Ensure visual conformity with the rest of your home in order for the room not to look ugly and like an imposition.


Once the room is finished, you can turn it into whatever you want it to be. Most families that choose to extend their home do so because they need more space to house their children, and as such, the new room often becomes a bedroom. In this case, search the online world to find the finest platform beds for your children — or guests — to sleep in inside your newly built and newly furnished room.

Outside Elements

With your new garden room now furnished and lived in, it’s time to return to the garden to survey your new space. What new challenges do you have, and what new limitations must you work with? This is the time to map out your new garden space, and to consider what planting arrangements can accommodate your smaller outside space, and the new room that’s attached to your home.

Covering Up

One of the things that most careful extenders of their homes miss out on is the chance to raise some ivy or other wall climbers on the side of the room they extend out into the garden. This is what can truly help a room achieve that ‘garden’ feel, both from the inside and the outside. Use this new room as a canvas, as part of your garden that you can build on, and not an intruder that you wish to ignore.

Vertical Gardening

You may also choose to grow a variety of different plants and flowers up the side wall of your home, including on the side of your new room. This is known as vertical gardening, and it’s one of the best ways to use the new vertical space in your garden.

You can grow bright flowers, shrubs, or even vegetables on the side of your home, making space in the rest of your garden for more furniture and other features that you otherwise may simply run out of room for after the construction of your new garden room. These steps will help you make the most out of your new garden room.

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