Real Estate Investment Property Loans With No Money Down: 5 Tips To Make Money From Your Garden

You don't need a massive amount of money to enter real estate investing. Often, you don't even need a down payment. All you have to do is check on your properties like house, lot, or garden.Landscape your garden to add value to your property, or you can simply make it into a money-making business.


Don't let your garden sit still, milk it out. Here are tips to make money from your garden:

1. Build a Rental


Turn your garden into a tiny rental. When you do this, you don't need any down payments to have your own real estate property. To learn more on how to turn your property into a real estate investment, visit for proper coaching.

States like Los Angeles legalized building a granny flat in your backyard. Take advantage of the housing crisis and earn from your garden.

Here are some other reasons on why making a granny flat in your garden is an option:

  • Utilize it as an office or cabin
  • Increase the value of your property
  • Rent it out and have your return of investment within two to five years.

2. Grow a Vegetable Garden


You don't need a farm to start growing vegetables. Your garden will do, and the proper gardening is a plus. Also, good soil, water, and sunlight will do the trick.

Moreover, you can use your grown vegetables for your consumption or earn from selling them. Organic food is always in demand, so don't worry about customers.

Here are some veggies that you can grow in your garden:

  • Tomatoes, green onions, garlic, hot peppers, eggplants are some veggies suitable for small yards
  • Grow potatoes in big garbage bags
  • Mesclun or miscellaneous greens like arugula and mustard, lettuce, basil to complete vegetable salad recipes
  • Grow vegetable seedlings earning high profit with less effort required.

 3. Create a U-pick Fruit Garden


Home gardening can be fun and convertible to business. You can also produce fruits, not only vegetables and turn it into a u-pick fruit garden.

U-pick farming is one of the trends right now in the small farm industry. If you have a vast garden, you can allow visitors to pick fruits with a price.

This business is popular for a family with kids and urban people. Let others experience the produce in your garden.

Here is a list of fruits good for a u-pick garden:

  • Strawberries, black raspberries, tart cherries are best for springtime
  • Blackberries, peaches, apricots, plums for summertime
  • Apples, figs, pomegranates, and persimmons are some that suits fall season.

4. Sell Flowers


Cutting fresh flowers can make a living. You can sell them in the market, grocery store, florists, or restaurants.

Flower gardening is a hobby that makes you happy. But it can be a perfect home business, too. You can work on your own hours, be the boss, and spend more time with your family.

If you think you can make flower gardening a business, here are the cut flowers right for profiting:

  • Ageratum - produces long-lasting blooms in red, blue, and white from early summer to winter.
  • Sunflowers - under 60 days harvest that are market sellers
  • Scabiosa - comes in a variety of colors and blooms until mid-summer and planted every 2-3 weeks
  • Yarrow - annual flower that grows in a variety of colors are harvested around 90 days

5. Rent Out Your Garden


If you have no time for gardening, let others use it. Don't put your garden to waste, so let others use your garden allotments for a fee.

Here are ways on how to rent out your garden:

  • Rent it out to people interested in gardening, especially if you have a side gate access to your garden
  • Beekeepers can also rent out your garden space, but you need to consider your immediate neighbors who may have allergic reactions to bees
  • Make your garden a camping site especially if you are located near tourist spots. Build garden huts that can be used by campers
  • Hire it out for parties or special occasions such as wedding or birthday parties if you have a well set up garden but limit it to parties without alcohol or loud music to avoid noise pollution


Utilize your garden as a money making machine according to your style. You can have a lot of choices that can produce an income. You can choose from gardening to selling produce, or building a rental to rent out your garden allotment. Make the most out of it by applying the items above.

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