Tips for Having an Ecofriendly Garden

Gardening is an activity that many people love. It makes your home look and feel better, and it can be incredibly relaxing. While many people considering gardening to be good for the environment – which it certainly can be – we often use methods or products that end up doing more harm than good.


This is often because we don’t know any better. Organic gardens have loads of benefits, so if you want to get educated on how to make your garden more ecofriendly, keep reading.

Invest in Hydroponic Systems


Hydroponic systems are systems that allow you to grow plants without any soil, and by using much less water than any other kind of plant. The plant roots are still supported and the plant still gets all the minerals and nutrients it needs.

In fact, hydroponic plants can be even healthier than normal plants. Investing in the best hydroponic system is a great way of using your garden to give back to the environment.

Plant More Indigenous Plants


Indigenous or native plants are plants that naturally grow in a certain area. Often, these plants suffer because of non-native plants, which require more resources to keep them growing in an area they are not used to.

They often use up many of the resources that the indigenous plants need, leaving the non-native plants to take over. It is therefore our responsibility to plant more indigenous plants in an attempt to restore balance.

Make Your Own Fertilizer


If you want to do things the old-fashioned way but still help the environment, you can make your own fertilizer. Organic fertilizers help make the soil stronger and you will therefore grow healthier plants.

Do More Actual Planting


Taking care of your existing plants is great, but it’s even better to plant more plants. Plants serve a variety of purposes, and by planting more plants or trees, you’ll be able to make your garden look breathtaking while also making it more ecofriendly. This is the easiest way of making your garden greener, in every sense of the word.

Look After Animals


Plants are the first thing that come to mind when we think of our gardens because we often forget that animals play a big role in our gardens as well. In fact, our gardens serve as a home for many animals, from tiny insects to birds, and even bigger animals like squirrels, depending on where you live.

It’s important to look after these animals as they help maintain our gardens. You can hang a bird feeder in your garden, and have some water put out for any animals that enter your garden.

Switch to Natural Pesticides


Natural pesticides are great because they are not created to harm plants or insects. There are various types of organic pesticides, so if the first one doesn’t work, don’t be dismayed. You can buy them or even make your own if you want to go full-on DIY.

Pesticides often end up in the soil, especially when there’s heavy rain or you water your plants. Synthetic pesticides can weaken and harm your soil, whereas natural pesticides will either have no effect on your soil or strengthen it.

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