7 Tips To Clean Your Hot Mess Of A Backyard

If you're reading this right now, chances are that your backyard is a complete and total mess. Having a Spekless maid service handy to clean the messes in and outside of your house is essential.


But what if it’s just your backyard that needs that tender, love, and care? That's when it’s best to tackle it yourself. And we’ll give you 7 tips that you can use to turn your messy backyard into a thing of beauty.

Have A Plan

The best course of action is sitting down and putting together a plan of what exactly needs to be taken care of. Organize the task by priority so you have it taken care of before moving onto the next task.

So if you need to mow the backyard, but there are twigs and all kinds of debris in the way, pick all that stuff up first.

Get The Essentials


This seems obvious, right? You’ll need some large trash bags and a pair of gloves to start. Then you’ll also need gardening tools. Before we forget, let’s talk about that...

Make An Inventory Of Tools

garden tool

This would be a good time for you to put those gardening tools that have been sitting around to good use. You should have some trimmers handy to maintain the bushes and trees that may be growing out of control.

Don’t have any? Any place that sells hardware and gardening tools are bound to have them.

Pick Up Any Debris


Typically, the debris laying around a messy backyard consists of leaves, branches, and probably small rocks. However, the same applies when you have trash and other large objects that are laying around in your backyard.

They need to be out of the way when you’re mowing the lawn. The last thing you want to do is inadvertently run over something with your lawnmower and damage it in the process. Speaking of lawnmowers…

Mow The Lawn


Would you want to hang out in a backyard where grass and weeds are growing out of control? Of course not. Be sure that every inch of your backyard is mowed. If you need to take care of grass and weeds in areas that a lawnmower can’t reach, use a weed wacker.

Check The Lights


If your backyard is usually lit, make sure that your light bulbs are in working order. If not, replace the bulbs. Bear in mind that during the summer months, those lights can attract all kinds of bugs. So be sure to invest in a bug zapper.

Get Help For The Things You Can’t Do

There are some things that will make your backyard the envy of the neighborhood. But if you’re not skilled to do that, then you should consider hiring the specific type of professional for your backyard needs (I.E.--A gardener for a backyard garden).


Your messy backyard is probably an eyesore for you. It maybe one for your next door neighbors. If you’re tired of seeing your own backyard look bad, follow the tips above. Once all is said and done, make sure you regularly maintain it so it won’t look like a mess ever again.

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