Creative Ways to Get Kids Involved with Gardening

Provided you did some form of gardening during your lifetime, you probably know what a relaxing experience it is. That’s why you shouldn’t pay attention when critics say that it’s a dull and uninteresting hobby.


In fact, gardening is so good that even kids can take it up if you present it to them in an appealing way. Turning your kids into green thumbs will not only teach them to respect nature but they will spend more time outside, supplanting the joystick with a gardening trowel.

Their Own Piece of Land


You must have been proud when you’ve acquired your first pieces of property, regardless of whether that was an apartment or a house in the countryside. Land ownership is no small thing and your kids should learn by being granted their first plot of land. Sure, this 2 by 2 meter square in the backyard might not seem like much but it’s a whole new world for them.

Once children become sole rulers of their green domain, tape it off from the rest of the yard. They will enjoy their personal space but this will also teach them a valuable lesson in responsibility because it will be their fault if the flowers or vegetables wilt due to a lack of proper care.

More Than A Straight Line

kid gardening

Creative as they are, children aren’t fans of uniformity. Line after parallel line of the same species of plants won’t get them interested in gardening. Drop the straight lines planting tactics and switch to triangles and circles. The former can be made by drawing two diagonal lines across a rectangular patch of land.

Furthermore, you can have fun with planting boxes and containers by turning them into oversized building blocks. Just as you can find LEGOs at BornCute and play inside the house, so can you imagine that crates and boxes are toys to play with. You can also use old tires for potting, which will be both fun and educational for children who are drivers-to-be.

Going Social


Gardening might be a solo activity for seniors who enjoy the peace and quiet nature has to offer but your children shouldn’t feel alone in this project. Quite the contrary, gardening is an excellent opportunity for children to socialize and from a parent’s point of view, you’ll get the opportunity to spend meaningful family time with your kids out in the open.

Work side-by-side with your child and encourage them to call their peers to help. Maintaining a beautiful garden is not a drudging chore but an extra opportunity to have fun as you chase each other with a garden hose during the summer months, laughing your hearts out.

Beautify the Garden


Speaking of fun, a garden is much more than its plant life. There are gardening tools, hoses, a fence, a bucket, etc. and all of this paraphernalia can be beautified. Paint the fence and let children draw on the stepping stones of pathways.

Enjoying the Fruits of Their Labor


The United Nations doesn’t look kindly on child labor, but your kid can enjoy the fruits of it. Joking set aside, no vegetable or a fruit garden is complete without a harvest. It completes a full circle started the day you told your children that they have received a plot of land to cultivate.

For them, tasting the fruit of their labor is more than an opportunity to intake sugar. It is tangible proof that hard work and care pay off in the end. As a final twist, you can teach the kids to prepare food and beverages from the vegetables and fruit they’ve grown. Nothing feels more refreshing than a glass of homegrown orange juice.

If you have children, it is a real shame not to let them in on your hobby. Gardening is something that children of all ages will adore because they possess a natural instinct to take care of others.

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