How to Tackle an Overgrown Garden Effectively

There are few sights more daunting than an overgrown garden. When your backyard reaches this state, it is far too easy to put off the task even though this will only make things worse.


Fortunately, it is not actually that challenging to recover an overgrown backyard and you will get an immense sense of satisfaction when you step back at the end and admire your fresh, pristine and inviting garden.

#1- Gather Your Tools

weeding tool

First, you need to make sure that you have the tools for the job. A pair of gardening gloves, a weeding tool, a cordless strimmer and a leaf blower are all important tools to have when it comes to tackling an overgrown garden.

#2- Mow the Lawn


Now that you are fully prepared you will want to begin by removing any debris from the lawn and to mow it. This is where your leaf blower and trimmer will come in handy. Much like a fresh haircut, this will make a huge difference and should inspire you to continue tackling the garden.

#3- Edging

garden edging

Edging draws a distinction between garden and plants and can make the most un-kempt of backyards look much more appealing through creating crisp, neat lines be-tween beds and other areas of the backyard.

#4- Break Up the Work


Once you have done these stages, it is time to crack on with the real work. One of the best approaches is to pick a small section of your garden and to work on this. It can be a lengthy and tiresome process to recover an overgrown garden, so make it easier on yourself by breaking up the work.

#5- Finding Rogue Plants


Scan the section for any weeds and dig out all of the roots to stop re-sprouting. Be sure to go back over every section that you complete when you move on to uproot any pesky weeds that have sprouted again. This will make sure that you are completely weed free once you are finished. After you have finished a section, use mulch to retain moisture, suppress weeds and add color.

#6- Taking Control


Once you have finished each section and admired your handy work, you will want to think about how you can take control of your garden once again. You could add color and life with new plants and flowers, add a water feature, create an area for socializing or add a pathway.

This is how you tackle an overgrown garden and, once you have seized control once again, hopefully it will not get out of hand again! It can be mightily daunting to look at a wild, overgrown garden with plants that you do not even recognize, but with a little patience and hard work, you will soon restore it to its former glory.

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