Key Tips On Buying The Best Rattan Garden Furniture For Your Backyard

There’s nothing like enjoying a moment of contemplation out in your backyard during those precious minutes when you can actually take a break from the hustle and bustle of life. Imagine stretching out on a cozy couch with your favorite book in hand or just stare out into space while listening to melodies from your beloved artists.


If you want to improve the look of your backyard on a budget, you can purchase some rattan garden furniture and install them in your patio.

Your furniture plays a significant role in ensuring your comfort during those R&R times you spend in your personal haven. Choosing the right material is crucial in equipping your backyard with the best furnishings that complement the style of your home.

Here are some key tips on buying the best rattan garden furniture for your backyard:

1. Look for UV Protection


When looking for outdoor chairs, couches, or tables, you should always opt for those with UV protection. While rattan is wood, which makes it better at handling sunlight, the sun can still cause significant damage to it after a long time.

UV protection saves your rattan garden furniture from rapid deterioration due to the heat of the sun. Look for companies that apply sealants, such as varnish, lacquer, and shellac, among others.

A few ways to protect your outdoor furniture from sun damage include:


Changing Locations

To ensure that your rattan couch, sofa, and tables last a long time, you may want to transfer them indoors when fall and winter season rolls in. This way, you avoid moisture from seeping into the wood and damaging it.

This may be a tedious task, but you only have to move your furniture twice a year and save money while doing it.


Putting on the Shade

During summer and spring, you can reduce UV damage by placing your furnishings under an umbrella. You must remember, though, that this method isn’t ideal for those living in windy areas as strong gusts of wind can topple your umbrella and lead to more significant problems.


Using Shade Awnings

If the thought of using an umbrella to cover your furniture sounds unappealing to you, you can always install semi-permanent awnings to put some shade over your patio. Make sure to choose an opaque one to prevent sunlight from streaming through.


Considering Specialized Fabrics

For people who don’t want anything to hamper the view of their patio, specialized fabrics are their best bet. This type of cloth is designed to protect anything that it’s covering from sun damage.


Checking for Signs of Wear and Tear

It pays to inspect your rattan furniture and watch out for early signs of damage. This way, you can take measures to prevent rapid deterioration.

2. Get Measurements


When planning to purchase outdoor furniture, not just rattan couches and sofas, you should always measure your space first. You don’t want to end up with additional clutter inside your home because the furnishing you purchased can’t fit in your patio.

Aside from taking measurements of your space, consider the size of your doors as well. Even if you can pass through your backyard when installing the furniture, you want them to fit through your doorway so that you can bring them inside during winter.

3. Test the Frame


You should be mindful of the frame quality of the rattan garden furniture you’re eyeing. It’s a primary component in the design and manufacturing process.

A lot of people make the mistake of choosing flimsy and thin frames because of their minimalist look. Nonetheless, you should opt for more substantial armrests so that you have a place to rest your arms while enjoying the serenity of your backyard.

4. Find Cushy Cushions


Cushions are another integral part of outdoor furniture. Avoid going for thin ones as they have a higher risk of getting damaged through wear and tear. Moreover, look for pads made out of durable materials, such as acrylic and olefin.

5. Mind the Production


There are two general types of rattan furniture. The first one is High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), and the other is PVC. The former may entail a slightly higher price tag, but its manufacturing process is more eco-friendly. Plus, it’s mold-resistant and can withstand the elements better than its PVC counterpart.


Buying rattan garden furniture can elevate the look of your patio. When shopping for couches, sofas, or tables made out of this material, you must opt for the right-sized furnishings with UV protection, a sturdy frame, and high-quality cushions. Moreover, you ought to be conscious of how the supplier manufactured the product.

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