The Ultimate Green Thumb Test: What to Know About Moving With Plants

Preparing to move is a stressful event with many details to handle. You want to make sure everything is packaged, organized, and labeled correctly.


If you are moving with plants, there are a few extra steps involved. Not only do plants often have sentimental value, so extreme care is needed, but they are also alive and can't just be put in a box and placed on a truck.

Here is some valuable information on how to move with plants.

Moving With Plants - Check on State Guidelines

Keep in mind when moving cross country with plants that some states have specific rules and guidelines for transporting plants across their lines. They range from only indoor plants allowed, to specific soil type, and even only those within a pot.

An experienced moving, such as Pearson Moving LLC, will also be able to help you with following all the requested guidelines.

To make sure you do not run into any problems, research the laws by state for where you are moving. You may be required to show certification of inspection. Keep that paperwork with the plant so it will be available if needed.

Re-Pot the Plants

If the plants are currently in ceramic pots, they should be moved into plastic containers for the move. This should take place 1-2 weeks before moving day, so they have time to adjust.

Use fresh soil and follow the re-potting guidelines for that plant. You don't want to shock or upset the plant before the move.

Use a Flea Collar to Draw Out Pests

Certain pests or insects can make their home inside a potted plant and never be seen. Before making a journey, it is a good idea to try and get them out.

A flea collar works well for this purpose. Lay a new flea collar at the base of the plant. It will send any pests on their way and leave your plant ready to be packed.

Water Them - Not Too Much

The roots of the plant need to be moist, but not wet.

Water the plant thoroughly 2-3 days before the planned move. After that, do not water them again until everything is settled in your new home.

How to Pack a Plant For Shipping

The pot needs to be secured within a plastic bag to keep the soil from spilling out in case it is tipped over accidentally. Use a plastic bag that is bigger than the plant and the container and wrap it down over the top of the plant. Secure with tape on the plastic container at the bottom.

Place inside a quality moving box and fill the space around with packing paper or even newspaper. You want it to be secure, but not too tight.

The box will then need some holes poked in on the sides to allow air to get in. Make sure to mark the box as "Live Plant" and "Fragile".

How to Move With Plants

When you are starting over at a new home, you want to bring your plants with you.

Moving with plants takes a little work, but it is worth it in the long run. Plan ahead, know the guidelines and package carefully. Then you can enjoy your plants for years to come.

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